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    Anytime you buy on eBay you have to check the shipping cost... in the case of the apple wood on the page you linked to the shipping is $10.45 more than what you pay for the wood which makes 10# of Apple & Cherry wood real expensive at $17.44 for 10#...
  3. I have bought wood from this guy (vamtnwoodproducts) but i didn't go through ebay but i contacted him through ebay.
    I bought apple wood chunks 70lbs and sugar maple chunks 70lbs for $140.00 deliverd and those who cant do the math its a buck a pound. recieved the wood really fast too, I think I got within 5 days of payment. I would go through this guy if you can.

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    Yeah I noticed that too,just wasn't sure if it was a good price or not,I guess I could delete this thread if there is a way to do so,don't want to clutter up the place[​IMG]
  5. I dont think my last post worked. I bought wood from this guy and it was a great deal, I contacted him through ebay. I got 70 lbs of apple wood chunks ans 70 lbs of sugar maple chunks for $140.00 that includes shipping. I recieved the wood pretty fast too only 5 day after paymnt. I have his phone number if you cant get of hold of him . i would definately give him a chance.

  6. I bought Hickory from this guy. He gives a fair amount of wood. Prices are reasonable if you live close by

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