Easy way to grill/smoke salmon in a round grill!

Discussion in 'Fish' started by henryporter, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. This is how we grill our salmon!
    Doesen't take long and the our kids love it. something you can't say about most fish dishes!
    We serve the fish with boiled potaoes and a mayonnaised based sauce.

    I take a whole side of the fish and grind the "flesh side" with lemon pepper and a little salt, on top of that some fresh dill.

    Make sure that you have enough charcoal in the grill and let it sit without lid for 3-5 min. Then with lid for another 20min. Today did I stick in some wood peaces to create a little more smoke.

    As I said very easy and tasty[​IMG]

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    man that looks real tasty !!!


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