Early Morning Brisket

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  1. Got up at 4 am to start my brisket. I rubbed it down before I went to bed with yellow mustard and Jeff's Rub. This will be only the second brisket that I have smoked and the first time trying Jeff's Rub on one. The brisket is only 6.2 lb. but I decided to start it early because it is supposed to be cool and very windy here today. So I'm sure the smoker temp is going to fluctuate some today. Also, what is the minimum amount of time that I should let the brisket rest after cooking?

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    Sounds like a fun way to start the day! How about some details? Type of smoker and what temp are you running? Also is it a flat or a point? Or is it one of those "mystery cuts" with a little of both? In any case, a post cook rest wrapped in foil is a vital part of the process. I'd let it rest at least an hour. Good luck and keep us updated!
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    Yes, details . And try to keep your lid shut as much as possible [​IMG]  .

    Have fun and . . .
  4. I'm using a Traeger Junior with hickory pellets. I only have the 3 setting switch, so I'm cooking on low. The temp is staying right around 200. I was hoping for more like 225 but the cold and wind are making it difficult. As for the cut of meat, it is a mystery cut. It was a full brisket that got chopped in half. Thanks for all the tips, guys!
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  5. **Update** So the brisket has been on for over 11 hours now. The smoker temp is holding steady at 220 now. I checked the meat temp and it was at 150. So I decided to wrap it in foil to get the temp up some. Any advice on using foil?
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  6. Finally got it up to 190....got it resting right now. I will post some pics soon.
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    Did it feel tender at 190?
  8. We will be waiting !!

  9. Here's the final product! Sorry I would have posted these earlier, but I was busy eating it LOL.

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  10. Duke it did feel very tender at 190. I'm using a cheap meat thermometer, so it may not be very accurate.
  11. Be sure and check the accuracy of your thermometer.   How was the flavor, and tenderness ?

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    Nice bark!
  13. Gary,

    The flavor that Jeff's Rub gave it was very good and it was tender. I could cut it with a fork no problem. Next time I might have to try just olive oil, salt, and pepper to see how that tastes.
  14. Thanks Duke!!!
  15. Then I would say you fad a successful smoke.  Good Job and well done  [​IMG]

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    Looks great.

    Forget the temp thing.

    Cook to probe tender. Should slide in like going into butter.

    Briskets, butts, ribs all get cooked to probe tender no matter what the temp says.
  17. Looks good when doin a brisket for say 12hours how much time would be with smoke?
  18. Beaver it got smoke the whole time but the Traeger doesn't put out a lot of smoke, in my opinion. I need to get a AMNPS to get a better smoke. I'm not sure how long you would need to have smoke on a more traditional smoker or with an AMNPS.
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    BC04, Great looking brisket !
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    For a traeger you'd want an amnts... Da tube brah, go for da tube!!! ;)
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