Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dyorksr, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Retired union carpenter, from Eureka, Missouri. New at smoking,just got a 40 " masterbuilt electric. Had some issues with smoke leaking around window, the store said they would replace it.
  2. Welcome to the group glad you joined in. Should maybe check some reviews on your smoker others may have had issue as well. Good luck and keep smoking.
  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas lots of members with electric smokers, so if you have some questions I an sure one of those guys can help.

    Gary S
  4. Thanks, just got back with my exchange on the 40 " masterbuilt electric. Hopefully this will be a good one, already put it together, a little rainy here will probably season it tomorrow.
  5. The seasoning went good, no leaks and temperature stayed around 275 the whole time. Getting ready to smoke ribs 321 with Jeff ' s naked rib rub. Do I put water in the water container?

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