Dyna-glo vertical smoker/sidebox

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    I've wanted to smoker for years just never got around to buying one , then Santa dropped one off .

    so far i have cooked a pork loin-turned out ok for my first run, I got brave and cooked a Brisket yesterday and it turned out wonderful to my surprise. the two books that i picked up helped a lot,Smoking Meat and Smokin in the boys room from amazon .

    i have a Dyna-glo vertical smoker with a sidebox /charcoal

    just a few ?'s. my friends tell me that i should smoke around 165-185 degrees (smoker temp) the reading i have done so far states

    to preheat to 200-275 depending on what I'm smoking. i think at if I'm above the USDA temp for safe meat i will be fine , it will just take longer to finish right?

    2nd ? i have to add chips (wet) ever 15 minutes or so , how can i extend the smoke time? wood chunks maybe? or wood sticks.

    Thanks for your time .
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