Dry milk vs evaporated milk

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  1. The recipe for smoked polish sausage calls for 1 cup of water and dry milk. Can I substitute water and dry milk powder for evaporated milk that is sold in the cans ?
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    If you cross-check the sausage recipe for the amount of dry milk vs the amount of water to mix to the dry milk per the label you can ascertain if you need to dilute the evaporated milk with more water or not. In other words, if the dry milk amount is double the dry milk to water ratio vs what is called for in the mixing instructions (or 1/2 the water called for), then you probably could use straight evaporated milk. Evaporated milk is vacuumed until 50-60% of the water is removed (depending on the brand and intended purpose), so it is basically double-strength milk.

    Just to clarify, evaporated milk and condensed milk are NOT THE SAME. Evaporated milk is reduced milk, while condensed milk is sweetened with 45-50% sugar which is then reduced with heat creating a very sweet taste and thick consistency...they are not inter-changeable.


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