Dry aged brisket

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  1. Is there a huge difference in taste when smoking a dry-aged brisket vs wet-aged? With competitions what is the grade selection choice or prime with beef?
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    I was recently told by a competition pitmaster here in Oklahoma that aging briskets 45-60 days will help tenderize them.  Apparently if you hold it by the point with the flat-end up in the air and shake it, you can get a feel for the tenderness.  He states after aging it for 45-60 days at 35-38F the flat will just bend right over like a limp noodle after the aging.  I picked up a prime brisket from Sam's this past weekend (2/28/14), I plan to cook it on May 2, 2014, this will have been 63 days.  I'll let everyone know how it turns out.
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    I was curious whether you smoked your aged brisket last week? If so, how did it turn out - could you tell a difference from aging it?
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    Trust me, SSR makes some good meat. Just had some the other day. Personally, I can't wait until he get his new BellFab smoker!
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    To tell you the truth no, it was good, didn't wrap until 175-180F, lots of bark. It was windy that day and it was difficult to keep the hasty steady, my temps jumped all over the place. Prob wasn't the best cook for the trial, the bottom under the heat deflector was a little dry in the flat. The brisket did have a good beef flavor, I would say stronger than a typical straight from the super market packer, but it was also a prime brisket. If anything out of the experiment it did prove you can age a brisket keeping it between 34-38F for 50 days and the meat turns out fine. I might try it again... :grilling_smilie:
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    That's good to know, particularly about the brisket keeping for 50 days under refrigeration. Thanks for sharing your results!


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