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  1. 1chaos52

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    I smoked a big batch of drumsticks this past weekend that came out really well, but I have a question and am wondering if anyone has tried something.

    Before I ask my question, I will tell the tale of the prep and smoking that I did for this batch. I had two packages of 20 drums each that I wanted to smoke because I needed room in the freezer. I took them out to defrost in the frige for two days, then put them into a container and brined them for about 4 hours in a fairly basic brine.

    My girlfriend wanted healthy as we had been eating leftovers from a party we had a couple of weeks ago. Also, I have in the past had problems with getting the skin crispy enough, and possibly did not have enough propane to thro them on the grill afterwards. I decided to remove the skin from the drums.

    After brining, I rinsed them and put them on paper towels to dry a few moments. I sprayed them down with a mix of apple juice and dark rum then rubbed them with a fairly simple rub, and gave a light spray after applying the rub and let dry so it would stay on well.

    On to the GOSM, I smoked them using a combo of hickory, apple, and cherry at about 250 degrees. I stopped adding wood at about the 140 degree mark, 2.5 hours in. Cooked until 165.

    They were delicious, spicy on the outside, smoky on the inside and very moist. Once you got throught the outer layer, the meat fell off the bone.

    My question is regarding the outer layer. Now remember there was no skin. The very outside was a little tought and dry, almost like it had skin on it. I am wondering if anyone has tried foiling drumsticks once hitting a certain temp. Would this possibly make even the outside more moist? Would it be too much and possibly make them impossible to eat because the meat would fall off once you picked it up? Thinking of trying it, but wanted to see if anyone had done this.

    Sorry no Q-view. Finally got my girlfriend to bring my camera home from work, but she forgot the charger. Now for another week or two of reminding her about that.
  2. superdave

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    What was your total cook time? I would have smoked for the first half and foiled for the second half with a liberal dose of the apple/rum.
  3. smokin out the neighbors

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    I have the exact same results on my CGSP. The outer layer forms a hard, dry, leathery skin. The best way I found to avoid this is to leave the skin on during cooking, and remove it after they are done.
  4. richoso1

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    That's a simple way of doing it, good tip.
  5. ronp

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    What they said, leave skin on always.
  6. justsmoke2

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    Try kicking your temp up to closer 300 to 350. That should get your skin crispy and ditch the water if your using water at all. I have sand in mine covered part of the time and sometimes with out nothing at all. I do my chicken wings at 350 and turn every 20 minutes til done and they turn out real crispy.
  7. 1chaos52

    1chaos52 Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the tips. Normally I would leave the skin on, but my girlfriend didn't want it. The last time I did these the skin was rubbery and gross and people were just peeling it back to eat the chicken. Honestly with the way these ones came out I may try the foiling thing because they were really good without the skin, probably the best batch I have made.

    Again thanks for all of the suggestions. I will let you know what I try next and the results.
  8. fatback joe

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    Also, if you plan on going skin on and then just ditching the skin afterwards, don't be afraid of pulling the skin back, putting your rub directly on the meat, and then laying the skin back over it. No reason to throw out the flavor when you ditch the skin.

    Good luck
  9. tn_bbq

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    You might also want to use a pan to foil them all as opposed to foiling them individually.

    I smoke mine with the skin on and remove the skin towards the end as i'm adding sauce. They turn out fine.

    I'm going to work on crisping the skin at a higher temperature. That might be my cooking project for the summer (always gotta have a summer cooking project...a few years ago i spent the summer perfecting a Caesar salad).

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