Drug buy....I mean DRUM buy !

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by gorillagrilla, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. O.k. , I admit I have drum fever.First one works so good gonna make another ! So I been researching the web to find sources for drums.Come upon bunch of companies claim to sell supplies for making bio-diesel outa french fry oil and such.Called one and guy says he has 1 food grade open top w/ lid in stock but will have more next week,and its $20 !!There is an address listed on the webpage and can I meet him there at 2 oclock.Starting to sound a little off pudding but what the heck ??Called the guy when I was in the area and he tells me to meet him in the parking lot of the Home Depot !!!There he was , with my 1 drum in the back of his pickup.Felt kinda like a drug deal or sumpin !!But I drove away with my drum. Had coconut oil in it but has a liner it apears andwill need burning out , but otherwise good condition. Price was right.And on the lid was the companies name where I assume he gets em for nutin !!If I do another one I will try and cut out the middle man !!!!

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