Drowned my brand new DigiQ DX2....

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  1. Hello all you 'Mokers, Got my new DigiQ the other day. Took it and the smoker to Gainesville, gonna do an all night smoke for everyone. Set it up, got the DigiQ running with no problem. Working with the blower damper. Got everything running nicely in just 30 minutes or so. Pretty amazing how easy it was to hold 225. Came up to Gainesville to see 7 and 5 yr old grandbabies in ballet recital. So, took off for that around 1730, never gave the weather a thought....It was blue skies and sunny when I left. During the recital huge thunderstorms roll in from the west, wind, it was bad. I new it was toast, but I was hoping. Got home and it was all messed up. So, I'll call them Monday and send it back for repair or replacement. Dried it for few hrs with hair dryer but the food button won't work now. No sweat. I was totally pissed last night, but I'm cool now. Wont make that mistake again. The Maverick was fine and suffered no ill. Finished the butt and brisket in the oven, over night and they were fine. Came out good, considering there was water right up to the coals in the bottom of the WSM 18. So, live and learn. Never ever thought it would rain... Kevin PS Sure was cool how it worked though. Real nice set up. Can't wait for the next smoke! kev
  2. Rough start to the weekend.
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    Sorry to hear about the Guru.....lesson learned I guess. If I'm not going to be around or am sleeping I keep mine covered. Sometimes it's in a plastic bag but mostly I keep it in a bucket. If it rains the only thing that will get ruined will be the fan. My controller got a little damp once.....I just put it in a sandwich bag full of rice. Never had a problem.

    Enjoy your controller when you do get it back......you'll love it!
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    With a 30: MES (All Electric) I always check the forecast. Have the cover but keep in the garage.
  5. Yeah, It was a tough start, but the meat came out great. I read somewhere some guys take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the blower where it goes in the smoker and make a little roof for the blower. I googled that right after I noticed the storm clouds building at the recital!  Oh well, what are ya' gonna do? Get a new unit I reckon. I will download pics of the brisket and butt, sliced up and pulled. It came out real nice. Got up at 5 in the am and wrapped in foil and put in cooler for 4 hrs. I'm thinking they are the best two I've ever done. kev
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    Sorry about the Guru.

    I usually rotate the fan so the air intake is on the bottom & put a Tupperware container over the Guru.

    Never had it in a real hard rain though.

  7. Yes, it won't happen again. The thing is, I smoke at home under a roof, a 12 ft square extension of the back porch. Never took the smoker anywhere. The important thing is the smoke turned out well.  The brisket was real good, not super. Gotta work on the spice profile. I want it to POP!  I think wrapping it and putting it in the cooler for 4 hrs helped a lot. Along with the 2 cups of beef broth that apparently was absorbed by the meat during those 4 hrs.    
  8. Kuddos to the folks at BBQ Guru.I would like to give my appreciation and thanks, publicly, to the super nice people at BBQ Guru. As you know I drowned my Digi Q on my first use. So, sent it back to BBQ Guru and they were kind enough to give me a break on the replacement of the circuit board. Understand, I did not ask for a break, it was ALL my fault. DUH?? They offered me a break after they saw I had just bought it. Felt sorry for the big dummy! Very kind of them. Need more people like them. At all times, everyone I spoke with or emailed was super helpful and very prompt. No time spent waiting for emails to be returned. So, just waiting to get it back and I can buy that big prime brisket I've been looking at, at the Butcher shop. Hope it's still there! lol!  Sincerely, Kevin
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    That's the kind of customer service you like to hear about.

    Not enough companies like that anymore.

    Glad you got 'er going again and didn't get beat up real bad.

    Keep 'er dry.


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