Dried lamb

Discussion in 'Curing' started by atomicsmoke, Dec 7, 2014.

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    Made from a leg of lamb. Salted then dried. You need to love lamb in order to enjoy this. Very intense flavor.

    Plated with some bresaola, lonzino and duck prosciutto.
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  2. Looks Tasty to me.

    Happy smoken.

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    AS, Afternoon.... I really like Aussie lamb, rare.... I'm trying to think what a really concentrated flavor would taste like... Is it like a "knock you down" intensity or something closer to mutton...

    When drying, do you add any of the spices and herbs, "normally" associated with lamb, like rosemary to it somehow... I'm thinking it would be delish.....

  4. atomicsmoke

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    "Knock down" would be a good description. Some people are in constant search for a lamb cut/dish that doesn't taste like lamb (some in my family for example). They wouldn't get anywhere near this dried lamb.

    I used thyme and rosemary during the salt phase. However I don't really find these flavors in the final product. Same for all my dried meats. In order for the dried meat to carry over the "spiceness" I would take the "basturma" approach...where the condiments are added halfway thru the drying phase. The meat is rolled in condiments (chaman paste for basturma) then (after a few days) the drying process is resumed. The spices won't penetrate into the meat but enough will stick to the surface to spice up the sliced meat. I like basturma too but I prefer the bare meat taste.

    Rosemary on your (fresh) grilled lamb (rare). Yep! Great dish.

    P.s. my local levantine food store has basturma and no-odor basturma. The nice lady at the deli counter insisted I buy the no-odor version. Believe me , there was a lot of odour. Next time my family is away I will try the hard core version.
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