Drainage solutions for landscape?

Discussion in 'Small Spaces' started by rio_grande, Apr 30, 2010.

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    I need some opinions.

    Our back yard has a parking lot that drains into it. Where it drops into the yard there is a signifigant ditch that runs part way through then widens to a wet area. This continues through the neighbors yard before hitting a city drain. I need to figure out a way to get that water on down into the ground.

    I consulted our local zoning folks and in my circumstance I cannot put in a drain pipe and expedite the water on to the next property as it would cause flooding on their property which they already have.

    So What I want to acpomplish is to get the water to drop on into the ground but at the same time I want to fill that ditch in deeper to bring the ground up level with the rest of the yard.

    Idea #1 and zoning oked it. Dig a trench about 5 feet wide 4 feet deep about 20 foot long. Line it with 1 way cloth and fill it with large stone. Basicly a dry well. Cover the rock with landscaping fabric and cover with dirt to grade. Problem with this is it is gonna cost a mint.

    #2 fill the yard into grade. Borrow a subsoiler from dad and run 4 or 5 runs down the middle where the drain used to be and seed. The tops of these will fill in and eventually will have to be re-done but it is cheap..

    Any other ideas??
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    If there were no underground utilities in the way....and IF your neighbor would agree to it....you could put perforated tile in from the parking lot to the city drain.
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    So if you're resonsible for flooding your neighbor yard from something you do, then why isn't the owner of the parking lot responsible for all the flooding they are causing?
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    It was explained to me that at this time there isin't a "problem" that I just want to level my ward out and if anything I did caused flooding then I would be responsable.

    I actually bought the parking lot last year. Hence the reason I feel compelled to take care of the drainage issue that has existed since the 1970's. The neighbor will not agree to anything. When I spoke to him last year he said there was not a drainage issue.
    In all honesty my lawn obsorbs the bulk of all the water however when there are heavy rains when the ground fills up then it runs on top.

    While lookig into drainage solutions I found I may be able to both take care of the drainage and get a semi flat front yard..
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    put a dry sump in. Dig a big ass hole and fill it with sand. You can get a decent sand for about 6-10 bucks a ton. Do not use mason sand, it is much to fine and your problem will still exist. about 6" from the top of the pit line it with a permeable cloth or plastic product. Plastic weed barrier with small holes will work great. In the top 6" mix your native soil with some of the sand about 60% sand to 40% soil. This will allow the water to penetrate and get to your holding pit quickly but the soil mixed in it will help keep the area from burning when it gets hot and dry. 

    If you have any questions let me know. I am a golf course superintendent and this is a fairly cheap and effective way of ridding yourself of surface water issues. you should be able to do the whole project for 300-400 bucks
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