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    Hi'a folks. tryin to get some help here, before I yank my eyelashes out! Ouch...
    I bought a new smoker (propane) well, actually got it with cabelas points😉 tryin to use an ampms (get it am pms? cuz it's makin me bitchy??) anyway, I can't keep the pellets smoking, took me FIFTY, yes 50 minutes to get it going,today. I get a nice bed of coals, put it in the smoker, and it goes out, i've moved it everywhere to try and keep it lit. then, once it does stay lit, more often than not, it burns through ALL of the pellets very quickly, sometimes catches on fire! here's a vid.... thanks for any help, opinion....
  2. For a propane smoker you need a tube instead of a tray, the tube is designed for low oxygen smokers. And catching on fire means it is too close to the heat source.

    Smoke it up

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