Doing first overnighter and first brisket tomorrow - advice appreciated - adding pictures

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  1. I got a 22.5" WSM a couple weeks ago. So far I have done ribs - twice and a pork butt. For the ribs I used a rub mixture that I got from the VWB website. The butt was seasoned with "Louisiana Fish Fry" cajun seasoning - I use this when I grill chicken - and it was mopped with a mixture of soy sauce and gourmet salt at the 10 hour mark. The second set of ribs I did turned out great using the 3-2-1 method. The butt was great - juicy, tender, and tasty.

    When I did the pork butt the WSM held temperature very good. I smoked for 11 1/2 hours and the high was 257 and the low was 244 and I made one adjustment to the vents during the whole cook. So now I have the big head and am going to try my hand at a brisket tomorrow night.

    The whole brisket weighs 15.64 pounds. It is in the cry-o-vac package in the frig right now. At first I was going to season with the Louisiana fish fry and add some montreal steak seasoning and salt as well. I have been reading other brisket threads tonight and saw where SmokinAl said he does worchester and the montreal steak seasoning. I love worchester seasoned meats and have decided to try to do mine half and half with the two separate seasonings. Or at least try to do the flat with the LFF and the point with the worchester and MSS.

    I was planning on starting the brisket at 10 pm tomorrow night and smoke it at 220. I have the Maverick ET-732 with the pit and food probes, so I will be using that to watch the temperatures.

    So some questions I have right now:

    1) Has anyone here ever tried to use different seasonings on half or on different parts of a brisket? Does it work?

    2) Since this thing is almost 16 pounds should I start at 3 pm so it will be ready sometime Sunday afternoon? Does it really take 1 3/4 hours per pound to cook these things?

    3) What is the best wood to use for brisket? I have mesquite, pecan, and hickory chunks. I used pecan both times for the ribs and really liked it. I did hickory with the butt and that was very good also - seemed like a stronger smoke smell and taste than with the pecan. I was thinking of doing maybe a combination of hickory and mesquite for this brisket. Does that sound like a good mixture or something I should not do?

    4) Does smoking a brisket for longer periods of time make it more tender? I would like to have it as tender as possible, but I have also read that you should take the meat off when it hits temperature regardless of how long it has been on the smoker.

    These are my questions for right now but I am sure I will have more tomorrow if not tonight.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you share with a first time brisketeer !!!
  2. jrod62

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    My last brisket took 16 hours. Key is low and slow for brisket.
    Yes you do take it off when it reaches the temp u want ,
    if it take 8 hours or 16. "Its done when its done"
    I pulled my last time so i took it to 200. Hope this helps some
  3. Every bit of information will help me, thanks. How big was the brisket you cooked?
  4. eman

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    Brisket is probably the ultimate,it will be done when it's done cook. I only do whole packers and have had them take close to 2 hrs a lb and have had them take an hour a lb. allow yourself maximum cooking time and wrap and in the ice chest if you finish early.
  5. cobble

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    I've only cooked brisket flats because I live in Boston, where, apparently any cut of meat larger than a chicken breast terrifies people, so packers are not widely available, but I have to echo what people have already said. It will take as long as it takes, and there's no telling how long that'll be. Plan for 2 hours per pound. It will likely be done sooner than that, but if its wrapped in foil and placed in a cooler wrapped in a towel, it'll stay hot for a few hours
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    I have smoked 3 briskets this month and the last one took 23 hrs.  it was a whole packer and I took it to 200* and it weighted 15lbs...They are done when they are done...give yourself plenty of time..and good luck !
  7. oldschoolbbq

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         Geauxin to cook, check out my last post, "just another smoke".9-16[​IMG]   I belive I got some good shots...of both smokers[​IMG].

    have fun and...........
  8. Okay, this may be a dumb question, but I think I have it figured out. What is a packer? Is it because it is in a cry-o-vac package?

  9. Wow, made me hungry. Since this is my first, I don't see it turining out like that.

    Is there a pinned post that has abbreviations/definitions on this site somewhere? There needs to be, if there isn't, for dumb people like me that are still learning. You said your brisket only got S/CBP. I am guessing that is sugar and some type of black pepper?

    A friend of mine who lives in Dallas said he only seasons briskets with pepper. They chunk them on a gas grill and blacken the outside for about 30 minutes and then cook them in the oven. I've had them before and they are good. Hopefully my smoked brisket will be better.
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  11. jrod62

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    a packer is simply a brisket with all the fat left can buy briskets that are trimmed up already..called flats...anywho..i smoked a 10 and 14 lb brisket a few weeks ago, at the same time, keeping the temp at 225 and it took 14.5 hours pulling them off at 190...some meat will "stall" and sit at temps for some time..a couple hours really just depends..there is no definite time span..however like the guys above have said..give yourself the say at least 20 hours..when your keep it warm you can wrap it in aluminium foil and place it in a cooler and then stuff some towels around will stay hot for hours..
  13. Wow, I'm getting started with early preparations and I just went to put my canopy up over the patio. While I was doing it this strange, unknown, and unexplainable liquid literally started falling from the sky. I hope everyone in the Houston area takes extra precaution and everyone is safe !!!!
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]


    I looked it up online and it turns out the strange substance was rain. It's been so long, I forgot.

  15. oldschoolbbq

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        Geauinto cook, it takes practice to get a brisket to doneness,and a lot of PATIENCE[​IMG].The best advice I can give you is get a probe thermometer and try holding the temp. in the Smoker @ 225*f for 1.5hrs./lb.of raw weight (that's a rule of thumb). The 'S' was salt,and not much,the pepper does the flavoring. Try to leave your lid "ON" during the cook to maintain the environment you create in the Smoker[​IMG]. Sounds hard,but actually is easier than others think.

         If I were learning,I would start with Chicken or Butts,they are somewhat forgiving[​IMG].

    But most of all .....
  16. Thanks oldschoolbbq !!! This is my 4th cook. I have done ribs twice and a pork butt last weekend. I have just made my first Sailor Jerry and Diet Rite and I am just chilling getting ready to watch the 7:00 football games.

    I seasoned using gourmet salt, Louisiana Fish Fry cajun seasonings, and montreal steak seasoning - you will see in the pictures. i got in on at 6:35 - was going to do it a 10 pm but am listening to the good advice I have gotten here. As the actress says in "Inglourious Basterds" I am now just going to "trip the light fantasteek". Thanks much !!!!

  17. eman

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    OH YEA!!! I Knew The Geaux was a Tip!  GO TIGERS!!!

     When you buy brisket You can get packer, which is the whole briskit (point and flat untrimmed),

    Flat , either trimmed of fat or not

    Point, usually not trimmed much.

      I do packers because IMHO they are easier to keep from drying out and because they are much cheaper here .

     Packer $ 1.79 - $1.99 lb /  sale price. $2.19 - $2.69 high end

    untrimmed flat  $ 2.89 - $3.29 lb

    point - same as untrimmed flat

    Trimmed flat $3.59 - $3.99 lb.

     These prices are for choice grade.

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