Doing first cordon bleu, got some questions

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by scvinegarpepper, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I'm doing my first chicken cordon bluuh this weekend. I will be using my brand new AMNS. I'm going to pound them out, stuff em roll em up, wrap in bacon, and smoke. Maybe finish at a high heat to crisp up the bacon, or put them under the broiler. I have a few questions...
    1. Should I use a lighter, fruit wood? I have apple. I also have hickory and mesquite.
    2. What temp should I smoke at? I don't want them to get dried out. Which leads me to my next question...
    3. Should I brine or marinate them? If so, should I do it before stuffing or rolling them up?
    4. Any clue how long they will take?
    Thanks so much.

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    You can't go wrong with Marks recipe.
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    Another option for Cordon Bleau is to cut a pocket in the large side of the chicken breast rather then flatten it and roll it.  Roll the cheese into the ham slices and put the ham roll into the pocket and seal the opening with a toothpick.  Both ways are good.
  5. very nice, so did you brine them or just do em up? also, temps/times? gonna try it, thanks
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    Hey man,my wife is addicted to the cordon bluuuuuu,I take boneless breast slightly frozen,they are alot easier to cut that way.cut nearly in half and butterfly,sprinkle with rub,I use durkee chicken and rib rub,lay on your ham and mozzarella,close and wrap with bacon,smoke at 240 till internal is 170-175.between 1.5-2 hrs,no brine needed
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    Well Mark already referenced my original post and his version. I would follow one of them for guaranteed success

    Good luck and lets us see what yours comes out like via some great qview
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    I sincerely apologize for changing any ones recipe,wouldn't want to mess with guaranteed success.
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    Not an issue with me - Hope I didnt sound like it was an issue at all. I really love the recipe and I hope you do too

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