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Discussion in 'Pork' started by finch12, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. I smoked cooked my first pig when I was about 17. Me and a buddy put on a full dinner for ~150 ppl and it worked out great. Over the years I have helped a few others but my brother law and I have cooked for our friends for about the last 10 years straight. Each year at this time we get a pig butchered and ready to throw on the grill. Here is this years story


    This year we only had around 50 to 60 coming out so we have prepped a 76 LB pig dressed weight.


    My wife makes up a stuffing and we pack it all  in and sow the pig back up


    We sow it all up tight so the stuffing stays nice and moist and meat juices join in


    Getting ready to go in the cooker we have a cage that holds the pig firmly in place. We do not wrap it in wire or any thing else


    Once in the cooker the smoking begins


    After about one hour


    Around three hours in to it


    Getting very close


    After cooking for 7 total hours it is coming out. The pig was at temperature in the thick areas 2 hours before this time but we like to be sure it is all cooked well and it give some time to get some fat melted out of it. We have used this idea every time and never had a dry pig or under cooked one either. Pretty much we just put the wrapped potatoes on the back rack now, keep the heat down, get the corn pot ready. In two hours we are gonna eat


    Out of the roaster and out of the cage and now on to the table to carve


    Digging out the dressing and begining  to carve. It just falls apart for us and has great flavor. The kids all hang around and eat the skin and want the teeth. Another excellent meal !
  2. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Great Job Finch,

    Outstanding pictorial too!

    Must have been a pretty high temp---7 hours is not very long for a whole pig.

    Really looks AWESOME too!

  3. rw willy

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    Very nice looking pig.  Congrats on the cook.
  4. Not really sure on any temps. We usually go by feel of the heat escaping the cooker and it has not failed me yet. We would like to do a slower, longer cook but the day always seems to escape us. ( not a lot of early morning people in this group ) In the morning the kids all want to see the pig before it goes in. We used to go to the butcher and get it and the kids loved that trip. Now we get it the night before and put in in a old fridge to keep cool overnight
  5. raptor700

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    Very nice pig there Finch, I'm guessing you built that cooker youself?
  6. The pig looks really nice! Thanks for sharing.
  7. The cooker belongs to the farmer we get the pig from. it is kind of a selling feature for the pigs
  8. bonedadddy

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    Beautiful Pig...Thanks for the great QVEIW...
  9. eman

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    Real nice boucherie.

      Is the rack a rotisserie???
  10. sure is a rotisserie . This home made jobby was made on a small budget but it works great.
  11. NICE LOOKING PIG!!!  That is something I really want to do someday!  Cook a whole pig... in a smoker and underground (kalua).  Just curious, how did the skin taste?  Did you use any kind of rub?
  12. scarbelly

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    That is one great looking PIG - There is nothing better in the whole world that a wole PIG

    Great post -- even though they dont count  [​IMG]
  13. roklimo

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    Looks great.  Been a while since I did a whole pig.
  14. eman

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    I LIKE IT!!!! we use a cajun microwave when we do pigs but it isn't the same as a rotisserie over a fire.
  15. The skin is very tough. The smoke flaour in it is very strong. We have never used any rub on it. Generally it is just the kids looking to eat the skin but a few adults do jump in there. Maybe some year we will put a rub on it and see what happens
  16. bearcarver

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    Or you could cut a big hunk of skin out, shape it kind of egg shaped, stitch it up, and get a bunch of guys together for a game. You could call it football.     [​IMG]   [​IMG]    [​IMG]


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