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  1. You guys have so much knowledge answer me this!

     please guys  i need something more to annoy the wife

    she said goodbye as i left for work an i'm not ready to talk yet


    As i said i bought a Chargiller

     in the main chamber is it's firebox for grilling

    what wood happen if one had a spare firbox

     and you turned it upsidedown cut slots of declining sizes

     from the shelf end to the sidebox end and partially blocked the sidebox

    output to the grilling surface would this create a type of reverse flow smoker ??

     and do you think it would mantain enough heat to use ???
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  2. pineywoods

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    Would it work hmm I honestly don't know

    Would it be a reverse flow NO the holes allowing the smoke to rise into the cooking chamber before it goes all the way to the far end would prevent it from being one. The heat coming through those holes instead of heating the whole plate more evenly would also prevent it from being a reverse flow
  3. do you think it would work as a reverse flow without the holes

    and what kind of temp should i  need

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