Does smoldered wood chuncks become charcoal?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by mauismokemeats, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. I have a converted side box smoker that use propane and use a juice can of wood chuncks for for my smoke, I stuff the chuncks in the can and cover with foil and poke a small hole for the smoke, after the smoke is done I'm left with what looks like to be lump charcoal. I noticed last night when I checked the chuncks after the smoke it looked like lump charcoal starting to get hot?

    Does anyone know if the used chuncks can be used as lump charcoal?
  2. Yes, the simple asnwer is that burn't wood does become charcoal

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    Yeah, it's charcoal, but of pretty low quality.
  4. Cool, so you could leave the coals in the fire till it's ash and it will still give a light smoke or save for later to use on a grill be it will be a low quality but still usable.

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    Charcoal is made by Pyrolysis, which is essentially heating without any oxygen (which means it doesn't burn).

    Your wood chunks may undergo a partial pyrolysis if heated in a low oxygen environment - which a tight wrapping in foil will do.

    Having said that, pyrolysis is not desired for producing smoke for smoking, so I'd suggest putting a few more pin holes in your foil pouch.
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