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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by teddilynn, Jul 4, 2014.

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    I have a 16x16 cookmaster electric smoker. it is kinda cheap. The temp (set on high) will not go over 210 degrees f. My 22 inch 12.5 lb brisket has been in for 2 hours and the temp is down to 192. It is time to mop or flip and I am scared to open the door- I dont want the temp to drop. I did shove the whole brisket in and laid the flat over a rib rack but the sides were touching when I shut the door. Is the thermometer not reading right Is the temp ok or should I pull the brisket out? I have to save this meat. Please help!!!
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    What type of thermometer are you using? Is it the stock therm. that came with the smoker? If the smoker is cheap, the therm. is likely even cheaper. And it wouldn't give an accurate reading. So you may not be running that low....

    At this point to save your meat, I'd suggest just running it as hot as you can and monitoring the meat temperature. If you aren't already doing so, get a meat probe. As long as the meat got above 140 degrees within 4 hours of being in the smoker, it is in the safe zone. And then just cook it for however long it takes.

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