Does anyone use a GasWatch II to monitor their propane tank?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by tender loins, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. The II version has an external digital monitor/gauge that mounts externally on your gas grill or smoker, not that a smoker would need a remote gauge since the tank isn't hidden inside a cabinet like a gas grill.

    I have seen them at Amazon & Lowes but some said the digital gauge didn't work, and others have said that the valve & mechanical gauge wasn't accurate, so mixed feelings... I was looking for a better price for the digital model. Just do a search for "GasWatch II" or the model #, here's a description:

    [​IMG][​IMG]Electronic GasWatch(TM)-II model TVL-212E, comes complete wirh an integrated, easy to see colored level gauge and remote color LED display! GasWatch(TM)-II provides complete peace of mind to gas grill users - It sounds an alarm when the tank level is low, so you will never run out of gas again while cooking. As a safety measure, it also limits the flow below dangerous levels. Remote LED display has velco backing, so display unit can be attached to the front of the grill. Body made of forged brass, joint seals made of NBR/Viton molded rubber, remote LED display made of plastic. Powered by 9V DC battery (included!).

    Emergency Flow Limiter in the event of a major leak.

    Low gas indication prevents unnecessary cylinder exchange or refills.

    Leak Detection protects the environment from gas emissions.

    Gas Level Indicator with remote color LED monitor for different tank levels | Low-Level Alarm | Emergency Flow Limiter | Built-in Leak Detector
    Works with All Type I Propane Tanks up to 30lbs | UL Listed | Installs in seconds! | Ideal for BBQ Gas Grills, Boats & RVs

    If I had to buy a bunch to get the price down, would anyone else be interested in any? If you own one with the digital gauge, how does it work and how much did you pay & where?
  2. walking dude

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    i just use a pressure gauge, does'nt cost much at tank is in the i can view it whenever i want..........but this is also on my grill........LOLOLOL
  3. So, are you using one of those green & red dial gauges that insert between the bottle and the gas hose?
  4. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    yeah, been doing great for over 5 years now...........
  5. Thanks. Here's the Digital version, may be able to get them under $20:


    There are other companies with similar gauges with black faces and no digital part, as well as the non-electric model that looks the same but without the LED part.
  6. flash

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    I have just the part on the right. In my humble opinion, it has a mind of its own. I have seen it state I have atleast 1/2 a tank only to run out in the next 5 minutes [​IMG]
  7. I only found six reviews of the digital version on Amazon... 2 people said the digital part didn't work or work correctly... maybe I should look for more reviews of the mechanical only version like you have. I'll try to past the reviews below, formatting may get ugly--some say the electric part don't work but the mechanical gauge does, etc...

    [​IMG]works as advertise, August 25, 2008
    By Ganon (Brooklyn, NY) - See all my reviews
    It works write out from the box. I dont have any issue with it so far.

    [​IMG]Poor Quality, Innacurate, Failed after a few uses, August 14, 2008
    By TedO (Colorado USA) - See all my reviews
    I've had the GasWatch TV212E for a few months and have been quite dissatisfied for a number of reasons. The product concept is good, i.e. a remote display that you can place in a convenient spot BUT the poor quality of this product is evident right out of the box. Also, it drained batteries quickly, was never accurate, and has now failed completely after only a few uses.
    -Easy to install
    -Easy to use
    -Neat idea
    -Inaccurate. Goes from full to empty without warning.
    -Drains batteries, no auto shutoff for the electronic display.
    -Poor Quality, not built to last, particularly the electronics. Failed after a few uses
    -High price
    Bottom Line: Save your money and keep a spare propane bottle nearby.

    [​IMG]Pretty Good Product, August 3, 2008
    By Victoria Cobb "remis nana" (USA) - See all my reviews
    The gage parts of this item work really well, the problem is the adhesive velcro used to attach to the grill, it doesn't stick well and keeps falling off.

    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
    [​IMG]Excellent gas gauge, June 16, 2008
    By Joe88 "Joe" (NYC) - See all my reviews
    I received the product and was impressed, its heavy for its size and not cheaply built.

    Plugged it in and as soon as I turned on the nob and the meter and extra display picked it up as 75% full.

    I also like how it has built in leak detection, built in alarm for low gas that your about to run out. The second reader is very easy to read, im happy it has an on/off button and that it came with a battery.

    The knob that connects to the tank is very easy to remove and take off, its a lot better then the regular propane tank hose connector which was very hard to remove and tighten.

    Over all this is one of the better gauges out for a gas grill, I recommend this to anyone looking to buy. I was impressed.

    Only thing was the actual plastic covering the gauge that connect directly to the propane tank had some scratches on it. It does not block the view of the gauge but there were a few scuffs on it. Nothing bad though.

    I wont run out of gas now, without knowing I will that is. :)

    2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
    [​IMG]Main Guage worked - Electric One Did not, May 20, 2008
    By I. So (Palatine, IL) - See all my reviews
    Currently attached to a half empty tank and main guage seems to work. Since my tank is housed in a grill cabinet, it wasn't easy to lift the tank prior to usuage to make sure I have enoung gas for BBQ. Now, no worries as before cooking. The electornic guage came with it didn't work though. It indicated a full tank when main guage showed half full. Basic unit is $10 less so get a basic unit instead of this one.

    0 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
    [​IMG]Anticipation is a killer!, December 19, 2007
    By James D. Sullivan "Surprised in Arizona!"[​IMG] (Mesa, Az USA) - See all my reviews
    I placed this order on December 11th, I was beginning to get extremely anxious as I had not heard a peep from the seller TVL International, LLC. Low and behold.. today is December 19th, and the order was on my doorstep! To my total surprise, and amazement! The only reason I did not give this seller a 5 star rating is that there was no communication on their part. I didn't expect an arrival time so quickly! I'm very pleased with the product, it was exactly what I was expecting. Do not expect any fancy packaging as they are the manufacturer of this product therefor it is packaged as cheaply as possible I would assume to keep the product cost to a minimum. Which they're doing very well! Thank you TVL!
  8. Here's more, I couldn't fit it all in one post:

    The product is sold by more than 1 place so there are more reviews, even though the same identical item:


    [​IMG]Barbeque Saver , February 8, 2008
    By Gail Meyer "book addict"[​IMG] (Antioch, CA USA) - See all my reviews
    Having this neat gadget means that you will never run out of propane in the middle of your cooking again. It goes on easily and seems to be accurate.

    [​IMG]Does what it says., May 16, 2008
    By Dan J. Reed[​IMG] - See all my reviews
    After having a problem with a previous model.. I sent it back to the company and got this one in its place (at no charge)... the new unit works well. Takes 1 9v battery. Handy to keep an eye on the tank fill level. Seems to be pretty accurate.

    Unit self-sticks to any (cool) surface on the grill. Just make sure you don't put it on a hot surface, or where its going to get wet or greasy.

    Needs no tools to install. Even the clumsiest man can install it. ;)

    .................................................. ....

    I can't believe the reviews are scattered all over the place, from 1 star to 5 stars... I wonder how much is product and how much is user fault?

    Oner person complained about the velcro not sticking good enough for them, 1 person complained the digital remote mounted part didn't work and STILL gave it 4 stars, and another person said it was inaccurate!
  9. monty

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    Tender Loins, here is your mantra:

    Spare tank, spare tank, spare tank, spare infinitum!

    I have had many fuel gauge experiences over many years of propane tank usage. And this subject comes up very frequently.

    Bottom Line:

    Get a spare tank.

    Tanks can be changed in a blink of an eye without affecting the cook in progress.

    And here is another point...Let's say you have the most ACCURATE propane tank device installed. You want to do an all day smoke and the indicator says you only have half the amount of gas you need.

    Do you "top off" that tank at full retail price? No! You run the tank dry, connect another full tank and continue along merrily as you plan on filling the totally empty tank in a day or so. (Not to mention getting your money's worth!)

  10. Thanks Monty for your great reply. I hope you won't look down on me because... well.... I'm not a TRUE smoker yet.[​IMG]

    I've been cheating for the last few years with a 3 burner Thermos/Charbroil stainless gas grill, using 2 cast iron smoke boxes--one the larger size with the slits in the lid, and the other a small round cast iron container with a domed lid that uses flavored pellets!

    I had to choose the best choice with all factors considered in, especially usage costs, and, it came down to a $99 GOSM (plus tax, tank, & fill-up, totalling about $160), or a Stainless Steel Masterbuilt digital Electric, $269, plus $8.95 shipping, NO tax, AND A $20 off the order for signing up for a new credit card. I took the Stainless Electric, delivered, for $238.94! Of course, wouldn't you know it? BACKORDERED til the 10th!

    So, a spare tank will only work for the grill, plus may not be enough room for everything on the porch!

    I hope me jumping in full steam ahead with ordering a Masterbuilt is worthy and shows my good & serious intentions!
  11. monty

    monty Master of the Pit Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Tender Loins!

    There is no looking down allowed in this forum!

    And I practice the information I give here!! You have to make your choices as do we all. If you use electric, gas, charcoal, wood or whatever, you are still practicing the smoking tradition.

    Do not ever feel put down and always hold your head high! Got a question? No matter how mundane it may seem feel fully comfortable to ask on this forum.

    The SMF holds itself to a higher standard than most other forums.

    You posts and input are always greatly appreciated.

    Stop and think about this for a moment. We are dedicated to bringing in the Newbie as well as the Pitmaser. And we do our best to foster an environment of happy compatibility betwixt the two! Sorta like a club atmosphere. So enjoy your time here and heep us postyed on your progress!

  12. Thanks! I will also hit Roll Call, but not before the smoker is in my hands!

    In the meantime, I'll still ask questions whenever necessary, and I think I can contribute greatly in the canning, tomatoes & peppers forums! I grow about 300-350 different heirloom tomatoes and about 75-100 different heirloom peppers and am still trying new varieties every year. I grow 24 different garlics and 10 different onions too. So I got veggies pretty well covered, too bad I can't grow ribs & briskets from seed![​IMG]
  13. catman

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    I use the manual propane watch device not to monitor propane. I modified it by removing the plastic tank coupling and installing a male quick connect coupling so i could connect my smoker to the weber grill tank that only has a quick coupler connection. This is the only device i found that had the new type threads that i could modify to connect the smoker to a quick couple tank. The level guage is accurate though.
  14. mgwerks

    mgwerks Smoking Fanatic

    I have never understood how any of these gauges work, but I'd sure like to learn. As long as there remains some liquid propane in a tank, the vapor pressure inside the tank (and coming from the connector) is dependent only on the ambient temperature, regardless of the liquid level in the tank. How do the inline gauges work, given this?

    The only three ways I've seen to be close to accurate for propane level indicators are a float connected to a gauge, the stick on types that measure the temperature difference of the tank areas above and below the liquid line (or pouring hot water on the tank), and actually weighing the tank on a scale and subtracting the tare weight of the tank.

    Anyone out there can tell me how they work, if they do?
  15. scotty

    scotty Smoking Fanatic

    I have 2 tanks but only one is hooked up.
    I intend to get one of those automatic cross over setups that are found on dual tank mobile homes-- ONE OF THESE DAYS LOL LOL
  16. blaken

    blaken Fire Starter

    I have also been looking for a gauge of some sort. I have a spare tank but it would be nice to know how much time I had until I ran out of gas. I just need to get a remote temp gauge for the smoker temps.

    If you really want to get your moneys worth don't do tank exchange at all. Why would you want someones old crappy tank anyway? Find some place that will refill yours. It's cheaper and you can "top off" any time you want because you only pay for the gas they put in. I go to a local flying J truck stop. Any place that services RVs should be able to refill your tank.
  17. ryf

    ryf Fire Starter

    that is a stellar Idea. thanks.

    I just bought the mechanical "Gas Meter" at lowes this morning, and it seems to work, based on weight it seems to read a little on the full side. they had the digital on sale for $1 less, but IMO I'd rather not have another battery to buy, and my grills on wheels, so no biggy to check. I use 1 tank for both the grill and the smoker, so it's nice to have a rough Idea whats in there.

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