Does a combination of Mesquite and Cherry work for brisket and beef back ribs?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by dragonslayer, May 16, 2014.

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    I am looking for opinions on some wood choices I intend to use as I am entering my first competition in a few weeks, and have assembled a team of complete novices (including myself). It is a kosher competition so the meat and equipment is all being provided by the organizer.

    For my brisket and beef ribs I will be using a Webber Smokey Mountain 22.5 and we are thinking about using Mesquite and Cherry.

    The brisket will be rubbed with a savory blend with a touch of heat and injected with butter, broth, and savory spice liquid and the ribs rubbed with a maple sugar dry rub.

    Please let me know if mesquite and cherry will work or if I am committing any crimes against BBQ. The mesquite came primarily from the fact that one of my team mates is from Texas and he requested it, but in actuality he is as clueless as I am. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated, along with any tips for a newbie are welcome.

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  2. Hello.  I am also from Texas and would eat cardboard smoked with mesquite but it isn't to eveyone's taste.  I don't "do" competitions but IF I were going to do this I would go with 60% pecan, 35% cherry and 5% oak.  JUST MY OPINION, and who am I to tell you????  Good luck in the contest.  Keep Smokin!

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    I'd highly recommend doing a few practice smokes to dial in your seasoning mix and the flavor wood mix that you want to go with. Once you're at the competition it's to late to make adjustments!
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      I don't see any problem with mesquite and cherry. It should be good ! Be sure to let us know how the competition turns out. And don't forget to take some pics!

  5. Just be careful with mesquite can be very strong smoke I agree with KC5TPY great combo. Good smoking!:grilling_smilie:

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