do you always smoke?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by foneguy, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. foneguy

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    ok, heres the deal. Me my son love smoked, wifey daughter not so much. so does anybody use their smoker with less wood?

    or no wood, just let the heat do its job? or is there a way to have less smokey flavors? 
  2. You can use as little wood as you like. If you want no smoke just use the oven.

    Happy smoken.

  3. bear55

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    I would say a smoker is for smoking.  Need just heat use the oven.  You can, of course, use less wood and perhaps affect the taste of some meats but I think if wife and daughter don't like the smoker flavor then accommodate them the best you can.  having baby back ribs, smoke yours and sons and cook theirs in the oven, same for pulled pork, chicken etc.

    Good luck

  4. wade

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    I often just use my Weber with briquettes or charcoal for chicken or joints of meat - usually for hot roast though. It gives a lovely charcoal BBQ flavour without it tasting smoked.
  5. grillmonkey

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    Use a mild wood like cherry, or even oak instead of hickory or mesquite. They will have to like that.
  6. Hello.  I may be dismissed from the forum but I do feel meat can be over smoked.  [​IMG]   This is the "trick" with smoking.  The wood you are using also affects the smoked flavor.  If using hickory, oak and mesquite then the smoked flavor will be stronger.  You can try alder, beech or fruit woods.  Those are milder.  Or a mix of woods.  Also it doesn't have to be smoked for the whole cooking time.  Maybe just 30-60 minutes of adding smoke.  OR! none at all.  Could be with just low and slow over charcoal will make both sides of the family happy.  Find what you and your family like and THAT is the correct way for you.  If cooking a brisket over coals for 8-10 hours with just 1 hour of smoke is what you like then go for it!  I also am not a fan of a totally smoked menu, ie smoked meat, smoked mac and cheese, smoked beans,smoked veg etc...  To me it just screams IT'S SMOKED!!"!!!  I LOVE smoked meats and other products but as a meal I want each side to also stand on it's own and bring something to the table.   I always use smoked bacon or salt pork to flavor my pinto beans or greens ( Southern thing ) but the amount is small so it doesn't compete with a smoked meat.  These are all personal preferences which is the point.  As stated find what you like and stick with it; don't give up,  Good Luck.  Keep Smokin!

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  7. Get your smoker going with charcoal Put on what ever you are going to cook add a small piece or chunk of mild wood you will have a very mild smokey flavor. Or divide what you want to smoke wrap the one you don't want any smoke flavor on after the wood burns up and no more smoke unwrap and continue cooking till done

    Lots of options  I run into that quite a few time, But never figure out why someone wouldn't like smoked meat ?

  8. mr t 59874

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    I totally agree with Danny,  Most smokers can simply be used as ovens, if nothing else they can keep from heating the house in the summer.  

    Many feel that because they are cooking in a smoker, that smoke should be applied throughout the whole cooking process and with some smoke generators, it most certainly is needed. 

    Keep notes on the woods you are using, the amount along with the time smoke is developed, also the color and density.  Certain food products may take anywhere from a few seconds in the smoke while others may take day's.

      Experiment and enjoy the art of smoke cooking, you will soon learn what will work for everyone.


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