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  1. SO I am handy with the tools. I am an experienced welder. I have build 2 BBQ's and a wood burning smoker. I am curious if anyone has ever build a gas powered smoker?

    I have all the necessary tools and most of the metal/hardware that would be needed. I am looking at doing a dual box, one lower one upper, lower for heat/smoke creation and the upper for the meat. Thought of going semi offset with the two boxes. I am a fan of the set it and forget it method of smoking (lazy I know) but am looking for something better than what is currently available on the market.

    If anyone has built a gas powered job, what did you use for a burner/burners? Do you have any plans/algorithms that you used for finding the ideal draft and draw? How big did you go? I am wanting to do a slow smoke on whole lambs/suckling pigs so I am looking at a rather large pit. It is going to be stationary out behind the house. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have had good success with the side burner from an old propane grill. Put it in a vertical propane tank and used ECB grates and pans. Did add a plow disc right over the burner to smoke wood for flavor.

    Also put the burner from an old chicken brooder that I discovered in a junk shop in an ECB. It, too, worked OK.

    If you lack the patience to find stuff like this, the forum has many references to an outfit that sells propane conversion kits. I haven't personally tried any of them, but they look like they would work fine.

    I have failed repeatedly to make a smoker using the high-pressure burner and regulator from a fish/turkey fryer. Couldn't get them to hold a setting low enough.

    Good luck; share your results w us.

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