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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bryce, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. bryce

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    Has anyone ever had the smoked turkey legs at Disneyland? We're heading there on Saturday and i'm defintely going to get one. I'm curious if it will be more flavorful than the only one i smoked. While it was good, it wasnt great and it wasnt that flavorful. I'm figuring the legs at Disneyland have been cured which is something i didnt do.
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    The first link ChefJimmy has for you is the best one to try.

    I live near the East Coast Disney and have some friends that work out there. I'll see what they can find for me. I do know they used to make their own up till the early 90's and all they put on them was a rub. Now they buy them in and heat and serve. They are very different now then when they did their own.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    I have heard the Food at Disney has gone down hill, must be the use of convience foods. Maybe the Chefs out there only know how to heat and serve...[​IMG]...JJ
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    I have a feeling that those legs have lost a bit of their handcrafted style a bit as JarJar alluded too. I'm still giving them a shot of course. They cant be THAT bad now can they? [​IMG]

    Thanks for the links CJ. Good stuff!
  6. bryce

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    Ok, so i had one today and well, eh, it was ok. Not very smokey and very cured. Tasted much like ham but had a very good amount of meat on it. Overall i probably won't buy one again. Price was not a factor but it was $9.50 for those curious.
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Hey, you had to give it a shot! Look at the bright side with the recipe from Viper1 and $9.50, the whole Family can probably eat REAL Smoked Turkey Legs...JJ
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    Great point! I know i can do much better at home with the right recipe. Seems the legs are becoming a staple in DL. Sure wish i could find their smoker. :)
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  9. I heard Disney has resorted using ostrich legs, just something I heard NO CONFIRMATION on it though. It been a while since I have smoked turkey legs. However the last time I smoked them I injected my legs with the same injection I used to deep fry my turkey's . Very flavorful . I like The idea of basting the skin with evo. Thanks for the info.
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    Have fun at D W.....

  11. jarjarchef

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    They do not use ostrich in place of turkey. Between their Food Safety and Health Team, truth in menu regulation and the dietary needs they take care of, they would not do anything like that. Besides it is cheaper to use turkey over ostrich anyways.

    They are cured then smoked by and outside vendor and then reheated by their people by the thousands every week.

    Walmart sells a turkey leg that is almost the exact same as Disney sells.

    You can make better at home.

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