Disappointed with amount of smoke; bought a master built electric 40" added updated part sent by mas

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mecjac1, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Title says all I wanted to say.
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    Hi Mecjac...not a lot of info there but if you have not heard it or read it in our forum already, your best solution is to purchase an Amaze-N-Smoker from Todd Johnson (one of our members) to use with your MES.  Here is a link to his website.  The prices are very reasonable.  I have one of the smaller units and use it in my MES30.


    By the way, welcome to the forum and do us a favor and stop in the Roll Call section and formally introduce yourself, tell us about your experience, your equipment, etc.  Also, be sure to update your profile with your location.

    Good luck,

  3. Thanks Bill
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    As an MES40 owner, I can tell you that the AMNPS is a godsend.  I can now smoke overnight and actually sleep instead of getting up every 45 minutes or so to change wood.
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    Most electric smokers have a difficult time making decent smoke

    Some do a better job than others.....

    I came up with my first gadget, because I was just as frustrated as you with my brand new MES 40

    3 years later and lots of happy MES owners out there who own one of my gadgets

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    [​IMG]  and I'm one of them. Best thing since sliced bread.
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    [​IMG]  to the group.

    The MES is not the best for producing a consistent TBS, especially at lower temps. Just the nature of the beast and a problem with allot of electric smokers.

    Don't get too frustrated yet. Learning the little secrets of your equipment is all part of the fun. This forum just helps a bit by letting you learn from others successes and mistakes. Ask questions, that is what this place is all about.

    The  addition of an ANMPS resolves the problem of producing a long and consistent TBS and allows you to get away from baby sitting your smoker and time for....maybe a [​IMG]or two.

    I know it sounds like we are all sales persons for the Amazen products but we are not. (just happy customers)  When I find a product that works as well as it does with the customer service he provides, I will let other people know about it. The same would apply if the product proved to be total crap.

    Have fun with your new toy..
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    Yes, the AMNPS and my mailbox mod on my MES work great.  Wouldn't change a thing.  Just an FYI, I called Masterbuilt to let them know I was having issues and they didnt even offer to send me the updated chip loader tray/shield assembly. 
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    Well said!
  10. Thanks everybody called Todd and ordered the 5 by 6 can't wait to try ot out.
  11. You will be so pleased with the AMNPS. I too purchased one several months ago and have really been trying to learn how to use it. Getting it lit and producing thin blue smoke can be a challenge due to soany conditions. One weekend I did four pork butts and the juice kept putting it out. Couple weeks later we did four racks of ribs and again had some issues but put a pup tent over the AMNPS and that helped. This weekend I smoked two chickens and the smoke was beiruful but I could not get the MES 40 to 275 and I am still trying to figure out why.

    Todd / owner of AMNPS is top notch, just order the product and NEVER use that piece of crap chip tray with the MES. Wish someone would make a product / smoker in the USA worth a crap.

  12. Best invention for Electric Smokers yet, light the AMNPS, sleep all night, butts are ready the next morning!

    Thanks Todd!
  13. I am a newbie at smoking and cooking.  Studied most of the smoking units available including the MES 30 and MES 40.  Read most of the comments made about the MES.

    What comes to mind is why the heck do people buy this piece of junk!  Paying hundreds of dollars then modifying it - going through all the frustrations of seeking out components

    to upgrade and still can't maintain consistent temperature control and still not enough smoke!

    I found a solution;  large Costco tissue box, 1 AMNS unit, 1 broom stick for hanging meat and a thermometer, an electrical hot plate, a pie pan,  a couple of small vent holes on top and your done.

    The MES and all other smokers available for home smoking are "toys", and "gadgetry".

    This is just my summation and opinion from all I've read.

    If I missed something, please correct me.

    Delie here
  14. My MES 30 did not cost hundreds of dollars. I have no trouble maintaining consistent temperature control with it. I use an AMNPS & have absolutely no issues with the amount of smoke I get. I do not consider it "a piece of junk" as you stated. I am quite happy with mine & use it all the time  [​IMG]
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  15. What about smoke daddy smoke generator?

  16. Smoking B.

    If you are using an Amnps for the quantity of smoke you require, what is the purpose of the MES 30?

    Your experience with the MES 30 is obviously good but what I have been reading is negative.

    I do not relish the thought of upgrading an MES 40 when it is brand new.  Why not buy one with all

    the bells & whistles you desire (properly functioning).

    With an AMNPS in hand - all that is necessary to smoke according to recipe is ;   temperature for a required length of time,

    and accurate control of temperature.  What are you smoking, at what temperature and for how long?

    So many MES 40 owners are complaining about their units that I am fearful of buying one.  I'll stick with the cardboard box

    until I find a unit with accurate temp control.  That is first and foremost to me.  Making smoldering wood, I've found, is the

    easy part.

    Delie here
  17. The price of the AMNPS is $39.99 & it will burn up to 11 hours. I've had mine last longer than that. It does not require any electricity either. The smallest Smoke Daddy is $65.00 and will only burn 30-45 minutes the largest one is $225 and smokes for up to 8 hours. They also require electricity to operate. In my opinion the AMNPS is a hands down winner but that's just my opinion on the subject...
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    Delie, evening and welcome to the forum....   LOL reading your post....   Even the Costco tissue box ???...  You are a true dyed in the wool smoke-a-holic when you have to modify a tissue box because it doesn't meet your needs....   I think we will give you a lifetime pass to the forum.....   All in favor................
  19. I use the AMNPS so I don't have to keep adding chips to the MES. It is simply a matter of convenience. The purpose of the MES should be fairly obvious. It is an insulated smoker that allows me to make whatever smoked foods I choose with ease. I paid $129 for it. I do not have issues with temp control - it runs hotter than what you set it for but I set it according to my ET-732 & it stays there just fine. As to what I'm smoking, what temp & how long - I smoke whatever I want at the temp I want for however long I want without issue. You have your opinion & I have mine. My opinion is that my MES is not "a piece of junk" & it suits my needs just fine  [​IMG]
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    Ditto on not having to add chips for a long time.   I love the AMAZN unit with the MES 40".   Besides long smoke time, it lets me cold smoke when I want to.   Perfect for cheese and salmon.

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