Different Brinkman Trailmaster Mods

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  1. I have a BBQ comp at Mohegan Sun Casino in Conn June 11th, We are also doing peoples choice sampling contest on sat, and a peoples choice chicken wing contest sat, as well as the KCBS contest Sunday. We needed more cooker room,si I put together the Brinkman Trailmaster I  bought at the Home Depot closeout a few weeks ago to cook 5 pork butts for the sampling,without tying up my contest cooker. I did the normal mods, New charcoal basket,nomex gasket and latches on the cook chamber door, added 2 gauges 3 inches above the cook grate, and high temp silicone all the seams while bolting it together,I also added the small vent control in the firebox above the main one across from the cook chamber opening. I was going to make tuning plates,or a deflector plate with holes, but to MY thinking each hole in the plate,or gap between the tuning plates would be make a hot spot above each directed at the meat cooking, SO I TRIED SOMETHING DIFFERENT!! I made an angled deflector plate at the firebox that can also be used as a waterpan, and a plate down the center to the stack end,leaving  only 1/2 inch open down the sides. We seasoned it today,and with no water in the pan it was up to 250 degrees in 15 minutes, we adjusted the dampers leaving the stack open, and it stayed right there. the 3 gauges as well as 3 digital probes in the cook chamber read the same!! playing with the dampers the temps went higher or lower, but all gauges still read the same with only a 5 degree difference front to rear at a few heat settings. The real test will be cooking the 5 pork butts Friday night for the sat sampling.


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    The temp variation is pretty impressive.

    Nice job!


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