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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by goose5, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. I have a Char Griller smoker with the side fire box. I have had great success with this smoker. My last pork shoulder was okay but the bark was really bitter. I use coals in the side fire box, but I have real trouble keeping the heat up. This last time I tried burning some red oak with the coals. Pumped the heat up great but the end result was not so great. How can I avoid the bitter bark?
  2. lcruzen

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    You may have noticed that when you added the oak to the coals that a thick white smoke was coming from the stack instead of TBS which produced creosote that was probably the bitter taste on your bark. Richtee posted a very informative report on the benefits of pre-burning wood to eliminate this problem. When I use my Char Broil Silver Smoker I use all pre-burnt oak and cherry and get great results.

    If you want try doing a search for Richtee's post. He may be along but his B-day is today so he might not be able to operate a keyboard.[​IMG]
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    might try using a different wood. I have never smoked with red oak so I am not sure how harsh it is.
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    hee hee T.H. bailed RT out!! LOL...!!

    Creosote, nasty bark ruining stuff, that is what it sounds like was wrong with your butt...tbs! if you can smell smoke your smokin!
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    I was always led to believe that red oak was a no-no. I think you have a combination of creosote and that red oak after taste.

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