Did I OVER cure my bacon, leaving it in pop's cure for 21 days?

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by burrben, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I got 12lbs of pork belly from my supermarket and put it in pop's cure.  I was planning to leave it in for 7-10 days, but I got called away from home and I just got back.  I'd guess it's been sitting in a fridge at 38degrees in pop's cure for 21 days.  I actually forgot when I put it in. 

    Today I dumped out the wet cure, washed it off,  and I'm soaking it in some water.  It doesn't smell bad, but should I even bother smoking it?  Is it dangerous to eat or serve to friends?  I probably only spent $36 on the meat.

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    No, you did not over cure the meat.  The meat will only absorb brine until the salinity levels in the brine & the cure are equal.  This is called equilibrium.  After that, the meat is just sitting in cold salt water.  Curing a ham takes longer than the 21 days anyway.

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    It should be fine.

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  4. Your belly is fine - You can't really over cure something but you can under cure it. If it sits in the brine too long the meat will get mushy & start to break down. Go ahead & smoke it & enjoy your bacon  [​IMG]   Just make sure you take some pics for us  [​IMG]

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