Diameter, row spacing, number of holes on a convection plate for Oklahoma Joe's Highland smoker to g

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by spenceuiuc, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. spenceuiuc

    spenceuiuc Newbie

    I just got an Oklahoma Joe's Highland smoker. I've had good luck so far, but experiencing big temperature differences from side to side, like many others. I've added the baffle +45 degree bend that directs the heat down, and am going to make a convection plate like the one at BBQSmokerMods

    I've seen a lot of threads on folks using the convection plates, but no specifics on what people have done to get even temperature distribution. So what diameter holes, number of holes, and spacing of rows has given folks the most consistent temperature across your Highland smoker?

  2. joe black

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    Check out a Horizon site and get a look at a similar sized plate to the one you need. Your answer will not be an exact result, but you can get a good idea by comparison.
  3. spenceuiuc

    spenceuiuc Newbie

    Yeah I was guessing from the photos that the BBQSmokerMods one is about 1/4" to ~1", with rows 3-4" apart. I was hoping for more specific #s from someone who has one/has made one with good results.

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