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  1. I picked up a project that the guy couldn't finish now I'm in a design pickle. In the pix you can see a Sharpie box drawn on the tank (I added the white lines), that is supposed to be where the smoke will enter the foodbox. The exhaust stacks will be on both sides of the barrel about 1/3 up from the bottom. My thinking is that the smoke, even though entering from the high-side, will have to fill in the tank before being able to leave through the exhaust. What does everyone think? I will also have a fan attached to a temp gauge to auto stoke the fire for temp control in the foodbox
  2. Is there anyone here with any insight or advice? I've made a couple changes that I believe will make this better. But still looking for other input

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    More pics, please
  4. I'll try to get a couple tomorrow. I don't have any on my phone

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