Deer sausage question

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by jerseyhunter, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I have some ground venison with beef fat added, I want to make breakfast sausage, should I leave it as is, add some pork or just leave it and make a new batch out of deer and pork? I have seen frozen sausages in the supermarket made out of beef. What's everyone's take?
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    What % of beef fat is in it now?
  3. Right now it's 3lbs venison to 1/2 lb beef fat so I believe that comes out to 1/7th which is a ittle over 14% I was going to use it for burger or chile. So if I add say 1 pound of pork butt or 1/2 lb pork fat I should be ok.
  4. Well I added 3/4 lb butt and followed Kutek's recipe on pg 182 , leaving out the sage . Came out nice as a pattie and should be even more juicier once stuffed to casings to prevent evaporation and moisture loss. Thanks for the replies.

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