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    Remove wing tip sections and tail

    Cut down side of backbone

    Be careful to separate the oysters from both sides and leave attached to the thigh meat

    Expose and separate the thigh joint

    Work knife down the thigh bone to separate meat from bone. When you reach the "knee joint" cut the meat away from the joint to expose the joint and separate it. Make a cut around the ankle. You will be able to feel the spines in a turkey leg (this step isn't necessary on a duck or a chicken). Grab the spines w/ pliers or tweezers and pull them out while sliding the meat off by pinching between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.
    Now separate the meat from the head of the leg bone and work the knife down the bone to separate. Pull the bone out.

    Separate the scapula and twist to pull out. Expose the primary wing joint, separate and debone the samr wy as the thigh and leg being careful not to cut through the skin while separating. Wrist (double bone section may be left on for presentation or removed and used for stock.
    To remove wishbone, cut along the line of the bone and remove it by grasping and twisting.

    All major joints are more easily separated if you locate the tendon on the side of the joint, sever it, then break the joint over sideways.

    Don't forget the stock. Save all parts, place on sheet pan, roast for 2 hrs @ 375* or until totally extra brown. Boil for2 hours ladling hot liquid over the brown bits in the pan until all are loosened and the pan is clean. Return this liquid to the stock pot.

    I'm not the best w/ a camera, nor am I the best instruction giver, but hopefully this will help any deboner wannabes out there.

    Any questions or help, as always, drop me a PM
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    Nice Tim!! [​IMG]

    Try video next time and put it on U-Tube.
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    Nice work Tim! Thanks for your time.
  4. richtee

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    Jeez and I'm sweating a hind quarter?

    You da MAN!
  5. smokyokie

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    How big is your hindquarter? On a small deer I like to just separate the muscles and cut them into steaks. If all you want is a boneless ham, run a filet knife down th inside of the thigh along the bone (where the meat is thinnest), then work the knofe down the bone keeping the blade pointed slightly toward the bone. It won't take long to where you can "fell the bone" w/ the knife blade. You need any help w/ that drop a line. I've done a few.[​IMG]
  6. smokyokie

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    You don't need any help. I don't know why you wer "sweating anything"[​IMG]

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