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    Hello all, I am a backyard cook with some experience smoking ribs, tri-tip, lamb ribs, chicken.  Currently I have a Brinkman offset that was abandoned down the street.  I made some calls, got an OK, and rolled it home.  I have found some success with the Brinkman, but it is thin and leaks a lot.  In the heat of summer, it does OK.  Here in Fresno, CA that means 100+ degrees outside.  In the winter, it is even more difficult to keep the cooker in the proper heat range.  I want to get a better cooker, and from what I gather, the WSM seems to be in my future.  I love to cook, love to eat, love to feed others, love beer.  Thanks for the welcome and I'll be reading and posting.  DCBRN
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    Welcome to the site and to the smoking hobby.

    You will want a wind break for the WSM.  (I use mine in a barn most of the time), but I haven't noticed problems related strictly to outside temperature other than trying to cold smoke cheese above 70* temps.
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    Welcome from Colorado, glad to have you join the site. I also enjoy doing ribs and chicken but never tried tri tip or lamb ribs. Going to have to pick your brain on the tri tip and lamb ribs sometime. Glad you joined and If you have a question about anything BBQ related just ask it on here or search for it here. There are really talented and knowledge people on here to help you out.

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