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    Having just read a huge discussion with several pages of opinions on leaving a smoker damper open or closed, something came to mind that I pose as a question. 

    1.  With the various designs and operation of hundreds of different size smoke cabinets, what is the "proper size" opening of a damper?  I am not talking about the actual "adjustment" of the damper, I am asking what the appropriate size hole(s) would be for a given size box OR, does it make any difference? (I think  the size of hole to let out moisture or smoke DOES have an effect but being adjustable, the size is adjusted according to the need to "exhaust" from a given size box.

    Any of you experts care to expound on that?  I'm just curious.

    2. I have a Masterbuilt 40" with the damper located on the back side of the cabinet.  IMO this is a terrible location since one has to go to the rear side of the box to adjust the damper (slides side to side) and the damper opening cannot be seen from the front side of the box. If you have more than one box sitting side by side it makes it even more of a problem.   I have been thinking of adding a small slide type extension to the adjustment tab that slides the damper open/shut so I COULD see the location and hole size of the damper openings during use. (Hope I explained that correctly).  I will try to take a photo of that add-on when its done.

    Has anyone ever done a modification to their Masterbuilt damper like that?

    Thanks to all of you folks for being kind enough to share your experiences with those like myself who are interested in learning more about smoking meats.

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