Cutting up my first pig.

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by woodcutter, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. woodcutter

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    I bought a 250 lb Yorkshire mix pig from a farm yesterday. Its was quite an experience picking it up. I hoped the pig was going to be freshly killed and hanging from a tractor but it was taking a nap.  I was asked if I wanted to kill it but I declined. My friend went in the barn and said "wake up Tootsie". I'm an avid hunter and this type of thing doesn't bother me but when the pig had a name it did bother me for some reason. He killed it and helped me dress it out and even had water so we could give it a quick rinse. I decided to skin the whole pig as I'm not set up for scalding and everything I want to do with the pig will result in skinning anyway.  I had a hard time deciding bone in chops or loin back ribs. I don't have a band saw and like ribs so I'm going to filet the loins out whole.

    Had to hook up the Tahoe to raise any higher than this.

    Left the garage doors cracked overnight for 32 degrees.

    Starting with the hind quarter and shaping it up a little for some hams. Experience would be a plus but I think I'm getting by ok.

    2- 24 lbers will be going into Pop's brine after a month in the freezer.

    I have the animal quartered and in cooler on ice and it it is supposed to get good and cold tonight. Back to the cutting board.
  2. tropics

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    Todd That is one fine skinning job, I hope that skin is going to be Pork Rinds.[​IMG]
  3. woodcutter

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    Thanks! I know I'll take some heat but this hide will not be used. I just wasn't ready for scraping and I'm border line overwhelmed the way it is.
  4. tropics

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    I will be watching for some smoke 
  5. woodcutter

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    1 side of bacon!

  6. woodcutter

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    I ended up with 167lbs of meat from  memory. I used a sawzall to cut some bone in chops on one side. The other side I took the loin back ribs and 1 whole loin. After cutting the pork butts from the front shoulder I kept the pig-net roasts whole and I'm going to cure them.

    I've butchered plenty of deer but this hog seemed to be easier because of less trimming. I'm very happy with how it all turned out. I have 20lbs of side meat heading into Pop's brine tomorrow. I gave up my hand meat saw a few years ago because I always seem to grab the sawzall. I'm going to replace it with another. I learned that I will not try cut bone in chops until they are stiff enough even if it is late at night.
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  7. bmaddox

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    I don't blame you on discarding the hide. I know by the time I am done butchering a hog or deer and packaging it all up I am worn out. Adding in the extra work to scald and scrape a hide would be too much work for one or two people.
  8. foamheart

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    Looks like ya had fun this weekend !

    I will let the comments on the skin slide this time, but don't expect it in the future....... LOL  Not scraping the skin is like never using a hand crank meat grinder. Yes you jumped ahead, but you miss part of the joy you experience using the electric grinder in the future. Its like OMG were has the electric grinder been all my life and why did it take so long for me to get one! You are really better off this way, but you missed a learning experience. You learn who your real friends are when you as for help butchering your second pig....LOL

    Yepper, sure sounds like ya had fun. Great looking job!

    Inquiring minds want to know if you've got a tractor and started turning ground for this years corn crop? As long as ya got the corn, might as well have hens w/ fresh eggs too!

    I just can't help myself Todd sorry....LOL
  9. c farmer

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    You really want us to believe its your first????????

    It looks like you do it everyday.

    Great job.
  10. Nice job, when can I pick up mine ??    I mean after you get it all cut up

  11. welshrarebit

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    And brined... And smoked! Then I'll be over... ;)
  12. Looks like good work to me.  It's nice to know exactly what you have, and the only way to get that is to do like you did and dig in.

    Good job.
  13. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I think I was lucky with the last cold week end. All I could think of was getting it butchered and in the freezer.
    After much thought, the only thing that I would have liked to leave the skin would be one ham to try the long cure. All my other plans would have included skinning later anyway.

    It just so happens I have 3 tractors but no implements...Lol.  All my land is full trees so I would have to pay for feed. I would like to raise a few pigs though.
    I wouldn't lie to you my friend!
    Sorry Gary I'm retired as a butcher for the time being. At least until my freezer finally gets down to temp. Its been running since Sat.
    Just about every piece I cut up I was thinking of how good it would be in the brine.
    Thanks! I saw a guy carry a hind quarter of a deer into the butcher shop that actually had mud and hair all over it. They had him fill out his form just like me. After that I cut my own.
  14. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    My pig so far.

     Both tenderloins, I tried to eat them all by myself.......almost.

    CSRs form 1 butt.

    All the side meat is now bacon. Not bad for having the pig for less than 2 weeks.
  15. Nice Job, Looks great.

  16. gixxerfrk

    gixxerfrk Smoke Blower

    Mmmmmm..... Bacon! Nice job.
  17. bekellog81

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    Nice job man!!!!  You did a great job on that hog. I agree with you that a hog is way easier than butchering deer.   Fresh pork is always the best, I have a good friend that raises hogs and I can't say that I ever remember his ever naming his hogs anything other than Hammy or Pork Chop--LOL!!!!!! 
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  18. hoity toit

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    i havent done a hog but once a long time ago, thanks for the picsandstep bystep

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