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Discussion in 'Brick Smokers' started by jim williams, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    I have been all over India and back looking for inexpensive cooking grates that fit the future brick smoker I am building.

    Is there any ideas or links to find 22"w x  25"d square and self supporting racks????

    Possibly porcelain coated steel with 1/4" rod?? 

    I know it sounds custom but just reaching out to all of you for a little guidance and ideas.

    Thank you all and have a very nice Thanksgiving Holiday.
  2. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hello , Jim.  Have you thought of making one of Re-Bar or having a welder make one for you[​IMG]  Maybe go to a Scrap yard and find something that  will work.

    3/8" Re=Bar will hold very well and after the burn-off will be a great cooking grate.

    The Welder may be a bit high , but you get exactly what you want (with the right instructions and maybe a diagram ). [​IMG]

    You will also have a better made product than if you ordered one from somewhere else ; and if you promise him some BBQ , you may get a discount . [​IMG]

    Where there's a will there's a way...

    Have a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas...and as always . . .
  3. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Thanks Mr.

    I have all of the material and a few friends with welders. I was hoping for a 1 stop shop and didn't want raw steel.

    Is raw steel of to cook on?

    Happy and Merry xmas to all!
  4. java

    java Smoking Fanatic

    There is no problem with "raw steel" , just make sure you dont use any zinc plated stuff (galvanized)
  5. I use expanded metal and it works great.
  6. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Thanks guys!
  7. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Jim,  mine are made from raw steal.   I used a 3/4 angle as a frame and had stretch metal welded inside the frame.   If you are concerned about raw steal, you can also get stretch metal in stainless steal.  You can also get 3/4 angle in stainless as well.   Your also looking at a much greater cost too.

    I always burn my grates off before every smoke with a weed burner.   Anything over 300 degrees will kill anything that might be on them.   If you are concerned about rust.   One you make a couple runs of meat they will be grease coated to the point they will not rust.  

    I have put up to 30lbs. on my racks with no issues.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.
  8. jim williams

    jim williams Meat Mopper

    Thanks Guys!

    I will originally build this as you say. Then I have to find a water jet and custom cut my 4 racks. They can be your name, favorite team, etc. but they are pricey about $132.00 each.
  9. krabby patties

    krabby patties Smoke Blower

    Mine are oven racks. Not sure of the size, but they should be close. Easy to find and usually free.

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