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  1. New question, (I think).

    When a cow or pig is hung,I've heard for as long as 45 days, the meat gets tenderized by itself.

    What requirements are needed to keep the meat from 'spoiling'?

    What temps are needed and air quality?

    What is the difference between hanging beef (or pork), or just getting a fresh cut of meat and holding it in the refrigerator?

    I have a friend that hunts feral hogs and has promised me a couple of 20 #(+) hams.

    More later.

    TIA   Larry
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    All meat should hang until it has gone into rigor and come out of rigor.... I even do this with salmon and trout....  Don't know how long to hang pork, at least a day or 2..... Hang away from the flies and in a cool environment... 38 Deg or so.....Dave
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  5. Commercial operations get by with a much shorter time  because the put the beef through a AC shock cycle ( up to 600v ac) from 1 to 5 minutes. They do this right after death. This causes the muscles to contract repeatedly which depletes the muscles of certain chemicals that cause rigor. So they get to skip the whole rigor phase, I think they basically age in the vacume pack.

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