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    This should be read by all. Truly helpful.
  3. eman

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    Hey mods or admins ! This needs to be a wiki!!!

     Everyone should read this before attempting any cureing process.
  4. Very usefull!
  5. daddyzaring

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    I don't know, I found it a little confusing to read, kind of like listening to a conversation in a room that echos badly.  What I could understand I did find informative though.
  6. ol' smokey

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    I too agree with eman. I've seen to many instances of posters wanting to use a cure to replace TQ in a recipe.
  7. bearcarver

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    This link is very informative, as long as all who read it understand the amounts in the charts are "Strictly" for "GROUND MEAT", as is stated in a few places. Solid meats, such as Bacon, call for different amounts of cure.


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