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    There is so much information on the site that it gets very confusing as when to use a cure and what cure to use.  Are there basic rules out there when to use any of the cures in brine or cured meats. My question is from a safety stand point only not other benefits derived from a cure. I realize cooking time, method and temperature are important.

    Pops6927 has an excellent post and recipe for a brine. His cure is good from 2-20 days for a variety of meats. 

    Alton Brown, from the food Network, has a brine that uses NO cure and the meat is brine for 3 days then cold smoked for several hours.

    Morton's Quick Tender has both cure#1 and #2 among other ingredients and is often used in many recipes short to long term. 

    DiggingDogFarm has an alternative recipe which uses only #1 cure. 

    If one did NOT want to use any nitrites or nitrates what would be the longest time one could brine or cure a meat before problems would occur?

    Could an alternative recipe, with cure#1, replace Morton's Quick Tender in a recipe, length of cure time pending?

    Thanks: Any input would be interesting.
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    Yes you can use cure #1 in place of TQ. However the amount of cure 1 to use is not the same amount as TQ. Pops method and DDF's methods are both different. Pop's requires no weighing so is good for someone who doesn't have a good digital scale. DDF's requires weighing the meat and the cure.

    Here's a good read for you.
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    I would completely wipe that one from your mind !!!

    I saw that one years ago. Bad Thing!!!!  I think it was actually about 7 hours without cure or heat.

  4. Hi

    I am curing bacon & hams for the first time.  I have TenderQuick.  Most recipes that I have found use Prague #1 or #2.  I would like to get them into the cure tonight.  Is there a direct substitution for TQ?  How much do  I reduce the salt?
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    If you want to use that TQ on Bacon, here's my favorite Step by Step. You don't add any salt when you use TQ.


    Bacon (Extra Smoky)

  6. Hi Bear

    Thank you.  I called a butcher and he sold me Prague as well as his own blend of bacon spice.  I now have all of the bellies in zip bags in the fridge and the hams and hocks in brine.  There's going to be some good eating coming up!

    Farrier's wife
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    Sounds good !!

    Make sure you don't follow my curing formula while using Prague Powder---Altogether different thing.

    You probably already knew that, but just in case.

  8. Hey Guys!

    Hubby & I just had a very successful deer hunt.  Have any of you ever cured & smoked venison? 
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    Check out the wild game forum here. There are quite a few recipes.
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