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    Just a thought since I love the sandwiches:

    Do you think a pork tenderloin stuffed with Ham and Swiss would work for a smoke? Too long for the cheese? Better off just smoking the loin and adding the rest later? Forget the smoking and just grill it?

    Of course it would be eaten with mustard and pickles! (maybe on a roll like the pressed sandwich toasted between 2 cast iron pans)

    I ran a search but didn't see this discussed before?
  2. rbranstner

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    Heck yea go for it. What I do some times is take the loin and insert my knive through the ends and keep cuting so there is a hole through the loin all the way through the other end. Then stuff the loin and tie the two ends. This way all the goodness stays inside. I do this when I am stuffing with stuff such as cheese that tends to ooze out while smoking if you just cut it in half then roll and tie it a bunch. This way ther are only two holes (one on each end) and they are much easier to seal with twine and they don't leak. Good luck. I want some qview of this.
  3. caveman

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    This first loin I stuffed, it helped me to not load it to the edges. I cut it so it rolled out, added the goodies, then rolled it up & tied off the ends. I made sure the ingredients were not added all the way to the edges cause I didn't want oozing from the cheese. Good luck.
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    Don't have any experience...but, damn am I looking forward to seeing how this turns out...[​IMG]
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    I was also going to mention you can stuff these with anything. I have not tried but a lot of people have and its on my list of things to do is stuff with spinach, feta cheese, garlic, etc. A couple of stuffings I have done which are great are, onions, garlic, spices and one of my favorites is prunes and apples AWESOME!. I have also just sliced it open and put butter, spices and rosemary and that is great to. The possibilities are endless my friend. Since you are cutting into it make sure you take it to 160-165.
  7. meateater

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    If your feeding a party you might want to smoke till maybe 140 and pull from heat, let it rest. Cut in half and save the juices, stuff with the ham and cheese and crank the heat to get a good sear and find some GOOD bread, That's the bread winner there. PUN. Great bread and ok fillings will win over great fillings and ok bread anyday in my opinion.
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