Cuban Sandwiches

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  1. Cuban Sandwich
    This is far from a Traditional Cuban Sandwich. But it's my recipe and we love them.

    Hamburgers , Cooked on the grill
    Onion sliced very thin
    Ham sliced
    Pickle, Drained Good I like the stackers and about 4 per Sandwich
    American an Mozzarella Slices
    French or Italian Bread sliced in pieces big enough to cover the burger.
    Tin foil
    Bricks or a 16 inch walk block 1 inch thick. No I haven't lost it yet.

    Now that you have the bread sliced, butter the top and bottom on the outside and here is the best way to build them from the bottom. Bread, cheese, pickle, cheese, onion. burger, two slices of ham, squirt of mustard, dash of Mayo, Slice of cheese, and top. Now here is the good part. Wrap the sandwiches in tin foil and set them back on the hot grill , Now set a brick on each one of them to weigh them down, or set 4 on and set the walk block on them. 2 minutes on either side. Pull the block or bricks off , flip them over and put the weight back on for 2 minutes. Take them off , peel off the foil and MAN!! These are fabulous. Serve with fries, slaw , potato salad or any other festive side dish you like. 

    A traditional Cuban Sandwich contains a nice slice of Roasted Pork instead of a Hamburger. Try them with pork, YUMMY !!!

  2. shooter1

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    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but that is not even close to a cuban sandwich. It is a hamburger with ham. However if you ever get anywhere near Tampa give me a shout and I'll show you what a cuban sandwich is really all about.[​IMG]
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    When we lived in Tampa everyone raved about the Tropicana's cubans, but we always preferred the Silver Ring.  Not only were their cubans great, but the stuffed potatoes and crab cakes were to die for. 

    I miss it just sitting here typing this. 
  4. shooter1

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    Yeah I wasn't to keen on Tropicana's cubans either. There are a lot of smaller less known places in the area that are way better. Agree about the Silver Ring and I love stuffed potatoes and deviled crabs when they are done right.
  5. Shooter Thanks so much for the invite. If you have a good recipe for a Cuban please throw it my way. The smokers are always open for new recipes.If you are ever up this way ( Which I don't remember why I came back here ) Anyway,, Stop in and we will have a Ice cold beer in my house bar and share an nice piece of Habanaro and Onion Pie. 
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    I don't have a recipe but I was hoping maybe for a pic of this thing?
  7. shooter1

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    Chefrc if I ever make it up to your neck of Ohio I will be sure to give you a shout and Thanks back at cha for the invite! I have a number of recipe's and I'll try to post up one thats the original real deal. The main problem is the authentic cuban bread which you can only get here in Florida and the cuban style roasted pork. I don't normally go through the trouble to make them myself because it is way more expensive than just buying from a local joint.

    realorterry, I will try to locate a pic for you or I will have one for lunch soon and take some pics to post. [​IMG]
  8. Shooter

    Makes perfect sense to me. There are alot of things out there that are easier to buy out right then try to make yourself. You are a good person. I guarentee you will never leave my house Hungry. Thanks Again for the heads up and even considering helping me out.
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    Ok, you guy's have got me wondering what a "REAL" cuban sandwich is! Chefrc's version sounds freakin great no matter the country of origin! and i will dang sure try it.

    Please post a recipe for the "authentic" soon!
  10. Duck

    Thanks , I have more recipes then time left on earth. And I would like to share them all. With you all.
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    No pics ,didn't happen. [​IMG]
  12. duck killer 1

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    right! i forgot! never happened LOL!
  13. it sounds pretty good. may have to give it a try. thanks for sharing.
  14. squirrel

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    Here's the recipe for cuban bread I use.

    I have a cuban buddy and she said authentic cuban bread is made with lard. Here's a picture of the sandwich rolls I made. I love cuban sandwiches and black beans and rice, yum. I might have to make some soon!

  15. duck killer 1

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    great link! good info on there, i will be makin some of that for sure!
  16. duck killer 1

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    squirrel, did you do the part with the string when you baked yours?
  17. squirrel

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    I didn't do it on that photo batch above, but have done it since. This recipe is really good, but you need to use the lard instead of shortening, it just isn't the same.

    Also, it's very important to make the starter and let it do it's thing for 24 hours, if you change that you will not get that distinctive cuban bread flavor, IMHO.
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    Or you split a baguette, cut it in thirds and stuff with pulled, beef, pork or chicken, then your favorite cheese, moz,,jack, gruyere, then top of with you favorite bbq sauce, place it on the grill over a slow fire, then put your brick wrapped if foil on top, cook it until the cheese melts and you have panini maison,

    they're good too!

  20. richoso1

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    You tease with all that text, and no pics to match? You really know how to hurt a guy. Just kidding my friend.

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