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    So, I used the heck out my new smoker over the weekend (16" Horizon)
    I did a couple pork shoulders that came out great on Saturday, I will post some pics tonight...
    but yesterday I did a couple 6 lb briskets, I followed the basic brisket smoke sticky as a guide and basically, I left briskets on the smoker at about 220-250 most of the day till they got to about 165 degrees. Then I wrapped them in celephane (sp?) and HD foil and put back on the smoker till they reached 190 degrees, then took them off and wrapped them in old towels and put them in a cooler for an hour. When I took them out they were ok, but I kinda thought they were a little dry to me. What did I do wrong? After 4 hours I would give them a few sprays every hour of a mixture of applecider vinegar, apple juice and splash of bourbon...
    I would start the fire with a hot bed of coals, then hept adding hickory and cherry to keep the smoke up and maintain the fire...
    The family all said they loved them, but I found a few slices that appeared to be a little on the drier side... any advice or tips you guys can give would be much appreciated. I have done briskets on a weber in fairly similar fashion with what I feel are a little better results... This Horizon is new to me... thanks in advance for any advice! Mark

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