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  1. think im going to smoke some country style ribs and a rack of regular ribs on monday for the holiday think ill also do some ABT's and some corn so my question is how long should i smoke em for and at what temp think i was going to smoke em for like 2.5 hrs and then wrap em in tin foil and then cook em for like 5 or 6 hrs at 250 degrees that sound ok? any suggestions on the corn?
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    Well just because they are called ribs they really aren't ribs. They are a pork but sliced up and called ribs. Now unlike ribs you want to smoke them at about 230°-250° and I would take them maybe 160° or so that way they will be done. Now for your Abt's they can be placed into the smoker when you have about 2 hours left or so. Now I would smoke them for at least and hour and a half but then I like mine mostly soft no crunch to them. The longer that they smoke and more of the heat you cook out and my wife is not much for the heat but she really likes the flavor. So give that a try or it will give you some starting point for your own personal preference

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