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Discussion in 'Pork' started by straightupnobs, Apr 25, 2009.

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    [​IMG] What's up this weekend everyone? Gonna throw some country style pork ribs on the smoker today ..... anyone done a set of em? what temp range is good for finished product? & about how long do they take ? i'm thinking 3-4 hours & finished around 160-170 degrees. Will Q view when i start em.

    btw on a side note anyone know something good to mix w/ Mezcal ( the mexican liquor made from the agave cactus w/ the worm at the bottom of bottle)? bought some last night & WOW it's got a funny taste,lol.

    Well heres the start of the Q

    About an hour in @ 156 degrees

    2 hours in w/ some brats thrown in the mix.
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    It stops tasting funny by the time you get to the worm [​IMG]

    I use to bring that stuff home every time we went to mexico which was twice a year for most of my 20 something years. Sea salt mixed with a bit of red pepper and key limes. I think mezcal is much smoother than tequila. At least the stuff we got was.

    Getting ready to do some Baby Backs and leg quarters today. Let us know how them country style work. I have been wondering myself since they go on sale a lot.
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    Pull 'em at 160. 3 hours is about right..Maybe a little less. If they're thin cut, they won't take long at all. I'd spritz every 30 min or so. Watch when you probe that you don't hit a bone.
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    Country style ribs are cut from the pork shoulder. They generally do not have bones. Some maybe have a sliver of the shoulder bone in one end.

    Do theim like you would do a shoulder (butt). Smoke to 160° then foil til 195° or so. If you pull them at 160° they will be done but they won't be very tender.

    Or you could do 3-2-1 on them like you would do with spare ribs. Many members have reported great results doing country style ribs this way.

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    Good looking Q but just thinking about Mezcal turns my belly .

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