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  1. Like many here I am a Franklin purest when it comes to brisket.  I normally do one  or two briskets a month using "choice" briskets from either Wal-Mart or GFS .This one I got from Costco last week which is their Kirkland brand "Prime". and  it was 19.01 lbs. @ $2.89/lb. More on this later.  Generally I do 12-15 lb briskets, but this one looked soooo good I couldn't pass it up !  It was calling to me to take it home. 

    Like the title says Franklin Style (kinda) meaning, I use his methods and procedures as best as I can with the equipment I have.

    One of the most interesting things I have learned from Aaron's vids and interviews of him and his pitmasters,customers   ect. is his time line. I have simplified the time line below to focus on the first brisket he puts on the pit each day. Let's just assume the first one on is the first one coming off.

    1) His first brisket goes on the pit at 10 am each day.

    2) Briskets start coming off the pit at midnight (14 hrs)

    3) 2-3 hour resting/cool down  period before going into the 140 -170 degree warmer.  (Lets say it's now 3 am.)

    4) 3am till 11 am. (8 hrs). holding  In the food warmer.

    Well with all that said, this is how I rolled with  this Costco beauty and the results.

    Rubbed trimmed brisket with 50/50 mix Kosher salt and CBP.

    Fired up  the Oklahoma Joe Highland with a chimney of lump on a  1/2 basket of lump mixed with some small oak splits.

    Brisket went on at 8:30 am. with fat cap up .. Maintained fire 240-280 ish. degrees with small oak splits. Sometimes temp would spike to 340 after adding wood, (no biggy)  then stabilize back down. Spritzed a few times with apple cider vinegar.

    At 7 pm. (10 1/2 hrs...Brisket had nice dark mahogany color I like so I pulled and wrapped in peach butcher paper. I don’t know what the internal temp was  as I pull and wrap when I get the color and bark I want, rather than by time or internal temp.

    I put the wrapped brisket in  250 degree pre- heated oven. CHEATING?  nah.. I look at it this way, once the brisket gets to the desired color and bark I want ,all it needs at that point is a heat source to finish. As it’s had plenty of smoke. And after feeding wood to the Okla. Joe every 20 mins. for 10 1/2 hrs. it isn’t fun any longer. After a couple hrs. in the oven, I put the Maverick probe in it. Set the food temp alarm to 200 and went to bed. 

    2 AM.( 17 1/2 hrs total time )Maverick alarm goes off, I.T. was 201, probed with wood skewer and it slid in like butter. By the time I got it out of the oven and probed I.T. had risen to 203.PERFECT!

    Now here's my little twist on things.

    I let wrapped brisket sit on counter top to cool for about an hour. Then put it in my 22 quart roaster 3 am.)and covered with a bath towel and went back to bed.

    7am. Got up and plugged in roaster and set temp to 160. (Temp in roaster and brisket was 155.) 

    11am. pulled from roaster un- wrapped and sliced.(8 hrs. total time in roaster)

    This Costco brisket was with out a doubt the BEST one I have ever done. When it hit the cutting board, it had the jiggle/quivers like a plate of jello!!  The entire brisket was absolutely melt in your mouth juicy and lite pull apart tender !! 

    Next rain day I'm going back to Costco a buy a case of these briskets. I'm totally sold. Absolutely  no comparison  between the Wal Mart and GFS Choice grade briskets and this Costco Prime brisket.   I have been going to try a High $$ Creekstone brisket(and may still do so) but just can't imagine it getting any better. 

    Here's some other interesting things between the two.

     Wal Mart/GFS briskets avg. 14 lbs. package weight.

    11 lbs. after trimming fat cap.( 3 lbs.fat trim.)

    7.5 lbs. finished cooking weight

    Costco Prime Brisket.

    19.01 package weight.

    17.50 after trimming (only 1.5 lbs fat trim)

    12 lbs. finished cooking weight.

    Well here's some pics. Sorry, the pics just don't do it justice as I need to sharpen my camera skills!  Hope you enjoy!

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  2. smokinal

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    That's a beauty for sure!

    Nice job!

  3. keitha

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    Awesome thread! I am totally with you on the oven deal. I read this on my phone. Looking forward to seeing this on a bigger screen!
  4. keitha

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    I also agree on meat quality. I did a walmart brisket and it was terrible. Unfortunately, the Costco in my area only sells flats, so i order them from the chef at the country club i work at. The next time i do one (in a couple weeks) will be the first in offset, so this thread is right on time. :)
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    That looks terrific Mike!  Nicely done!


  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Tasty looking hunk of cow! Nice smoke!

  7. Fantastic Post, thanks for sharing and great job. I will have to check out the local Costco's and see what they have to offer.
  8. tropics

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    Looks good for here. points 

  9. driedstick

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    Dang it man that looks great,,, just reading your post got me drooling - [​IMG]

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

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    Really nice! Thanks for the step by step instructions. Brisket looks good!

  11. b-one

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    I never go in Costco,but with a price like that I may start! Great looking smoke!Thumbs Up
  12. Can I get an AMEN! I too am becoming a Franklin disciple. I'm not a stick burner though. I have toyed with the idea but I travel 75% of the time and simply cannot take that kinda time out of my sometime. I gotta set and forget for hours at a time. 

    I will say this: The best brisket I ever did actually came out of my electric smoker. I was cooking for my brother-in-law's birthday and he loves BBQ. I couldn't fit a large brisket and 6 racks of ribs in my smoker at the same time. I did the brisket the day before (friday) and had it done and rested and cooled by around midnight and into the fridge. Saturday I did the ribs. Pulled and rested and started packing up to take the Q to the B-day party. I took the brisket in the foil and popped it in the oven to warm when I go to his house. Damn that was some good brisket. There is something to the extended rest time, I am certain of it.  

    Nice and points for being open minded and incorporating the ideas of a pro and for a kick-a#$ brisket. 
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    That's a Good Looking Brisket, right there!![​IMG]

    Nice Job, Mike!!![​IMG]----------[​IMG]

    Great Price Too!!

  14. You've inspired me to try another one, looks awesome! 

    I agree on the oven - did my first straight through using the pellet smoker, then afterwards realized I'd just used about twenty bucks of prime flavor pellets just heating the thing to finish!
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    A textbook brisket post. I'm a big fan of Costco meats.  Point for that brisket!

  16. Nice Looking Brisket, Great job !!    Did I see Butcher Paper ???      [​IMG]


  17. Yes Sir. Wrapped in the peach butcher paper at about 10 1/2 hrs. and kept it wrapped until I sliced it.
  18. hoity toit

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    The butcher paper wrap is a key to your beautiful brisket. It keeps it moist but lets the steam gently out so it doesn't turn out like a pot roast and brings the temp down nice and slow for a brisket that will slice very nice.. >>POINTs your way !  [​IMG]

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    Great price on Prime and came out beautiful, nice write up.  [​IMG]  
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    Great post with a lot of information.



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