Cornish Game Hens, but Jeff's recipe in the last newsletter

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by wsinbad1, Aug 2, 2011.

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    For some reason I decided to try Jeff's Cornish Game Hen recipe.  I have never had really good luck with smoking chicken, but I was compelled to try again when I read the newsletter.

    I did them almost exactly to Jeff's recipe and I have to say I and my family were surprised at just how good they were.  Sorry no Q-View this time, but next time I'll be doing an entire smoker full of them and I'll post some Q-view then.

    If you haven't tried these I suggest you pick some up next time you are at the store.  They were crazy good!!!
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    Ah, come on guys, cut the guy or gal some slack.  He knows he screwed up by not taking QVues and readily admits it.  Now that Jeff's got him hooked on how helpful the site can really be, we can get him on something else like:  Where you from???  It would help us help you if the need ever arises if you'd fill in your profile a little with items like, oh I don't know, maybe:  Location (region, state, even city if you're comfortable with that, heck, one of us might even be your neighbor), smoking equipment, personal interests, etc, etc.  Have you gotten over to Roll Call and introduced yourself over there?  Lot's of links and loads of information and the opportunity for us to properly say Howdy and welcome aboard.  With that being said:

    Dogpile:  [​IMG]   [​IMG]

  5. Tough crowd.  [​IMG] Thanks for sharing. I saw that recipe too and thought it sounded really good.

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