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  1. ok two days ago i was asked to smoke some pork shoulder for my gf's best friends college grad party...and there is suppose to be like 30-40 people that will be my question is with all the side items and apps.. would 3 seven pound pork shoulders be enough for all the people...and i know that everyone will not show up when they say they will so that makes me feel a little bit better...thanks guys
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    You can figure on getting roughly 50% of the raw weight so if you start with 21 lbs you should yield about 10.5 lbs of meat. If you figure 1/3 lb per sandwich that would be about 31 sandwiches if they don't really pile it on. If you have people eating more than one sandwich you could run short personally I would do 1 more butt to be safe and it freezes well so don't worry if you have some left. Most commercial guys figure 1/4 lb per sandwich but they fix the sandwiches and don't use as much as most people making their own do.
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    This is spot on advice - I have been playing in the catering gig for 15 years and you are better off freezin a couple pounds than runnin out

    What are they doing for sides?
    PM me if you need some recipes

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