convertible butane/charcoal ECB mod finished!

Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by thinblueduke, Aug 27, 2014.

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    Here in Japan, houses are right up next to each other, so when I smoke, I have to take my neighbors and their laundry into consideration.  All things being equal, I'd prefer to use charcoal, but using gas makes me a better neighbor.  When smoking pork butt, I'll often smoke until I hit the stall, then finish it indoors.  I've been working on this rig for a few months now, and the final piece arrived yesterday, so I snapped some photos as I assembled it.  

    Here's the base: a table-top gas burner that uses butane canisters for fuel.  They're about 90 cents each, and are about the size of a can of spray paint.

    My wife finally finished her big can of coffee, so I scorched the paint off of it and made some notches in the bottom rim for stability, while still allowing for airflow.

    This is a collar made of disposable aluminum pie tins that keeps heat and smoke from escaping when I use the charcoal pan.

    Top view so far:

    Next, I added a 16" aluminum disc used for separating pizza pans.  I cut out the hole in the center, making the diameter of the hole a bit larger than that of the coffee can, so that the wood gets enough oxygen.

    I was lucky to find this strainer in exactly the right size:

    Not only was the diameter just right, but the handle was the perfect length...

    ...and there's still enough clearance under the water pan (which I nearly always use), and the strainer just fits through the door, though ash isn't usually an issue.

    With this setup, I can be up and smoking in about five minutes.  I fire up the burner to start, then once the wood gets going, I can shut off the gas and let the wood provide the heat for a while.  When the temp dips to about 210, I turn the gas back on as needed.

    Today's Q is almost finished (still wrapped in foil in the slow cooker), but I'll post some Q-view when it's pulled.
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    Very ingenuitive!
  3. thinblueduke

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    Here's what I was gunning for.  My wife and daughter are Japanese, so I was hoping to come up with something they might be interested in.

    Smoked pork, Durkee's fried onions, cabbage, Alabama white sauce (Bob Gibson's via Meathead Goldwyn)

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