Convection Plate vs Reverse Flow

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by pdog, Feb 11, 2013.

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    I have a Trail master L.E and have been going strong for about two months.   I just became a member, and bought Jeff's Book last week.  I have been reading a lot of modifications people have made to these smokers.  I just want some other opinions as to whats going to distribute my heat and smoke more evenly?  Convection Plate or make it Reverse?    I burn all wood, and seem to be taking longer cook times than Jeff's book says to.  Also would a burn basket help if i am burning wood instead of coals?


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    I have never used a burn basket in my reverse flow offset cooker, so I can't comment on that.

    Both can be dialed in really good and help to hold a more even temp across the board. For me I decided when I built mine that it would be easier for me to build a reverse flow cooker instead of taking the time to dial in tuning plates. Since you don't use as much metal with tuning plates they are a little cheaper to put in then one big solid reverse flow plate.

    In my 250 gal cooker I have less then 20° of variance across the entire tank. I feel that is pretty good but some others may not.
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    Pdog, morning.... If the cooking times seem too long, maybe your thermometer is not reading correctly.... put it in boiling water and see if it reads 212 deg F....   
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    I'm with Dave, check the accuracy of your therm first, it may say 250, but you might be at 200, this will extend your cook times by quite a bit.  As far as a wood basket, unless your using charcoal, either lump or briquette, I don't think it will help with cook times.  A basket will allow you to use a bed of charcoal to act as the base for your fire, then add wood as needed, this is how I use mine in my RF stick burner (I guess that technichally keeps me from being a "stickburner" huh?).  This will give you longer burn times and a few hours of sleep during a long cook. 

    For an existing pit, already setup for direct flow cooking, tuning plates will be your best bet.  Depending upon the size of your cooker, it may take 5 or 6 plates of differing widths to get your temps even across the grate.  Start out with the widest plate nearest the firebox then work from there.  For a new build, I highly recommend RF, as 05 put it, a 20 degree variance from side to side is the norm for a well built RF pit.
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    Ok so after two months of waiting. I have received my convection plate. What a difference on ribs. I went back to charcoal and wood. "Good choice" Going to try two briskest this weekend. Keep you up to date.
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    We need pics of smoker, convection plates and ribs and briskets.....    Dave
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    And don'f forget to get a GOOD Thermometer.
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    [​IMG]   [​IMG].....

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