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Discussion in 'Beef' started by sacsmitty, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. I went to purchase my first whole brisket today and here's what I found.

    $8.49 per pound at a local butcher.

    $8.99 per pound at a super market.

    $5.49 per pound at another local butcher.

    When I googled Brisket, the prices seem far cheaper online.  It seems extremely expensive.

    Am I missing something?
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  2. Brisket prices are the same around here, about $9/lb. Though i dont know why your one local butcher is so cheap. Maybe has alot and needs to get rid of some?
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  3. I failed to mention I'm in CA.  Not sure if that matters.  Tri-Tip is by far more prevalent and popular on this coast but I still really want to do a Brisket. :)

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. halfsmoked

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    Wal-Mart in Maryland has them for $2.99 lb.
  5. Wow.

    Is it brisket or horse meat? :)
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  6. Im near buffalo, ny. Beef has always been pretty expensive around here. Pork isnt too bad. One reason why i havent tried making brisket yet. All i can find are 8 or 9lb for $80
  7. vwaldoguy

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    Do you have access to a Costco or Sams Club?
  8. noboundaries

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    Smitty, we're neighbors (I"m in West Roseville) and the WalMart near you is the only place with brisket prices under $5/lb.  I was just there picking up glasses and intended to see what today's price was and walked out of the store without doing so.  They sell "Select" grade packer briskets and last week they were like $3.28/lb.  I understand the Sam's club next door has better grade (Choice and Prime) for not a whole lot more per lb.  I'm not a Sam's shopper so can't help you with specifics but you can go in on a guest pass and they'll let you check. 

    Costco down the street has Choice and Prime normally in the $7 to $9 / lb range.  Best I've seen at that Costco was $6/lb for Choice back around Memorial Day.  Unfortunately that Costco cuts them weird.  They tend to cut them in half lengthwise.  Might have to buy two and get some meat glue to make a whole packer. 

    The prices now are better than they were.  Last year I saw briskets selling for as much as $11/lb around here.   
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    My oldest Chef Daughter spent 5 months training and working in Italy. Took a mini vacation, 4 days, to Pulgia, in the Heel. She had some of the best made, tastiest and most tender, grilled meat she had EVER eaten...HORSE!!!  I can only hope, Americans stop looking a Horses as beautiful and majestic pets, for the Wealthy, and see them for the quality, low fat, meat option they should be. After all, the rest of the world does, including Mexico and Canada...The only reason we eat Beef and Ride Horses in the States?...American Horses knew enough to RUN away from men with Pointy Sticks!!!!...JJ
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  10. Check out the Smart & Final on Madison Ave., just off of I-80. All of them in the SF Bay Area carry brisket for $3.19/lb.
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  11. noboundaries

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    One opened fairly recently in Rancho Cordova, really close to where I work.  I think I'll load up the cooler with some frozen ice jugs and stop in there tomorrow to pick something up for the weekend.
  12. Last weekend in Sunnyvale, they had Harris Ranch Black Angus primes for $3.19/lb.

    I grabbed the last 2 they had in the cooler... [​IMG]  

    No smoking for me this weekend... [​IMG]

    I have to work all weekend... [​IMG]
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  13. halfsmoked

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    What do they call it supply and demand?  I posted on another forum a couple weeks ago and I had just returned from Mississippi for a hanging oops a wedding and there was a guy there from Texas who said he brought brisket for $.99 a lb. and in the thread some one reply that he had also bought some for $.99 lb. on a special sale but most stated it usually ran over $2.00 lb.
  14. gpb11

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    Pricing here (Atlanta suburbs) is around $5.29/# for flats at Costco, $3.28/# for whole packers at Sam's Club.  Last weekend Sams only had a couple tiny packers so I bought a 14# packer at an "international market" at $3.50/#.  All were Choice.

    I've yet to see a "Tri-Tip".  Hadn't ever heard of the cut before joining BBQ forums and had to google it.
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  15. Thanks VERY much for the tip.

    I'm new to all this.  Visited Roseville Meats and I was a bit overwhelmed. :)
  16. I've traveled throughout Europe and they have a very different opinion on "meats" to what we think in the US. :)

    Have never tried it willingly but I'm brave, who knows.
  17. I called the Roseville Costco and the guy on the other end of the phone told me they DON'T carry brisket.

    Any experience with Costco in our area?
  18. noboundaries

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    That guy's an idiot.  I see briskets in the Roseville Costco all the time.  Last weekend they had more than a dozen in the case when I was there picking up pork shoulders.  Like I said though, they cut them weird.  Most are in the 6-8 lbs range, full packers cut in half lengthwise. 

    Roseville Meat Company, lots of variety at a huge mark-up.  They'll have anything you could need if you are willing to pay their price.  My better half was under the weather one weekend and requested my South Texas Skirt Steak.  That's all she wanted, though flap meat is an acceptable substitute.  Long story short I couldn't find skirt steak or flap meat anywhere so I went to RMC.  Picked up 5 $15/lb!  I believe that was the most expensive meat I've ever purchased.  My footprints will never grace their doorstep again. 

    Today I took half a day off today because the stress of work was putting me in the "going nuclear" territory.  On the way home I stopped at the Smart and Final in Rancho Cordova.  They were sold out of "Select Grade or Better" packer briskets at $3.05/lb.  Great prices on Bottom Sirloin roasts (low $4's lb) where the tri tip comes from.  Even a whole chuck roll (25-30 lbs) if you need to feed an army for $3/lb.  Chicken leg quarters for $.69 cents a pound.  I WILL be buying meat from them in the future.  Picked up some flap meat for $7.19/lb to grill this weekend. Thanks for the referral sfprankster! (BTW, our kids are in your area.  If a woman with a Texas accent comes banging on your door looking for chocolate, it's my wife).    

    I came home, watched "O Brother Where Art Thou" to settle down, then jumped in the truck and went to check meat prices at stores where I never shop.  Safeway: no brisket, other meat prices (pork and chicken) were a mix bag compared to Raleys/Bel Air where I normally shop.   Safeway had a ton of dinosaur beef back racks at $2.28/lb (I believe that was the price). SLCs were $2.99/lb.  Worth a stop to see what's on sale. 

    Went to Winco Foods in Rocklin.  Great looking "Select Grade or Better" packer briskets for $3.58/lb.  They also had points and flats available at close to the same price.  Pretty good prices on both chicken and pork.   Skirt steak for $7.99/lb.     

    Stopped in at SaveMart Supermarkets in Roseville.  Won't be going back.  Prices were close to Raleys/Bel Air so not worth the drive for me when a Bel Air is 3 blocks from my house. 

    Smart and Final had the best prices but that's a drive for you.  Winco had the best variety with just slightly higher prices.   

    Costco has good prices on pork, but everything else is a mixed bag.  They will have skirt steak or flap meat available on occasion for $5.99/lb.  I stock up when I see it. 

    In case you're interested, Nugget Markets in Rocklin has fairly elevated prices, but top notch meat.  Fantastic fresh made sausages.  Whole Foods in Roseville, also great meats, not much cheaper than RMC. 
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  19. oldschoolbbq

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    Well , Smitty. Don't know what to say about your prices there . Here at Toledo area , it's $7 or$8 / lb. . The Costco's here say they don't reduce their meat , it's trashed [​IMG]

    I usually find a Market that lowers the price on the sell by date and you get some good deals . 

    Keep an eye out and try one , you'll be very pleased.

    Have fun and . . .
  20. Hello Smitty.  I don't live in the States anymore but from what I have heard in the past it seems it has a lot to do with the part of the country you are in and the luck of the draw.  Keep checking back at your normal places also.  I am sure you will find a better price.  While you are waiting to find a brisket you don't have to take out a loan to buy,  below is a link for some light reading so you are ready to go.  Keep Smokin!


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